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Mitochondria / Adenosine Triphosphate

The exceptionalism of this product is in its secret of natural extraction using a “bio-chemistry” at low temperature which allows to reactivate the active ingredient “in vivo” of the adenosine triphosphate and to make it assimilable and active by the organism and more specifically by the mitochondrial organelle and its DNA.

This method is radically opposed to conventional chemical extractions by precipitation of sulfuric acid or other process for separating the active principles of each organic material; in fact, conventional chemical processes destroy the active ingredients of the “living” information in adenosine triphosphate, which transforms its biophysical qualities totally inert. As a result, this adenosine triphosphate can no longer fulfill its natural bio-electric function to activate the mitochondrial functions that maintain intra / extra cellular osmosis (exchange).

This intra / extra cellular function allows the internal structure of the mitochondrial cell (organelle) to recover its information functions for duplication according to the original.

In conclusion, the bio-electrical information of Lapis Elixir by its specific method of selection and extraction of natural active ingredients (basic material). It improves the action on the intra / extra cellular membrane which allows to reinitialize the duplication information of the DNA while maintaining a constant and consistent bio-electric action to the messenger RNA thus telomeres. Lapis Elixir induces a general detoxification and holistic regeneration of the body.

For more information, read our file “The Mechanisms of Regeneration: Function of the Bio-electricity or the Supply of Light in the Core of Our Cells:

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