A – Explanation of the products each having been developed through a respectful process

The products we propose to you for the re-generation of your organism are composed from organic compounds, from plants, fruits, extracted from a variety of diverse biological products, alga, minerals, etc…These raw materials are rigorously selected for their biological qualities and are harvested according to a traditional method that fully respects the natural biological cycles. The active principles are slowly extracted over many months, without any aggressive method of extraction, without the use of acid, without excessive heat that put in danger the vibratory biological quality of the molecules. Not a single biological component having been subjected to a genetic modification nor any synthetically synthesized product, will have been used in the making of the product.

The traditional artisanal laboratories that are preparing the raw materials along with their botanists, their biochemists and other scientific personnel working in the development of these products are all motivated by the same ideal : the respect of quality product and its efficiency.

Years of experience in this domain brought us to refuse inferior quality products motivated strictly by market prices usually practiced. We prefer to sell products that cost more to produce strictly base on their ability to guarantee real effectiveness. They will not generate any secondary undesirable effects caused by the use of a poor choice of base plants or fruits, as it is often the case today.

B – Practical Advice for the re-generation in multiple steps over many months:

1- Lapis Pro :

as a first step, one must start by cleaning the intestines, (accumulated toxins) which will permit to bring the organism the favourable ground for its re-generation. Its biotic principle favours the intestinal exchange functions and its bacterial equilibrium. It allows to relaunch the re-construction of the mucous membrane that will guarantee better blood and enzymatic exchanges in the intestine – which membrane tends to become thinner with aging. The β-sitosterol, the flavones, the Scutelliarae Radix extractions and other active principles, prevent the de-generation of the intestine, and allow at first a local then a general re-generation action of the whole organism.

2 – Lapis Elixir :

as a second step, the diverse active principles of the eukaryotes (originating from the pan-artic regions) stimulate the re-generation mechanisms by an influx of bio-electrical energy that will relaunch a well equilibrated action of the mitochondrial functions of all the cells, and, a better exchange on the quantity and the quality of the produced ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It has a global action on all the major organs and functions of the organism, including the epidermis.

3 – Lapis Maris :

complementary step in the course of the re-generation : it is composed of necessary and essential amino acids in the construction of proteins needed by the cells. These amino acids are “the bricks and mortar” for the physical construction of the cells. A lack of amino acids is the automatic cause of a general weakness and the premature aging of the organism. In order for the amino acids to be efficient, they must come from natural sources, non chemical or otherwise synthetic : this is the fundamental reason that our laboratories supply themselves of their raw materials of active principles directly from the pan artic regions.

C- Complementary Products to the re-generation process:

VitalOxi :

Oxygen is the principal and fundamental ingredient that cleans all the cells of the organism (intra and extra cellular osmosis). Environmental pollution of the industrialized world is an additional stress to all your physical functions.

In order to clean this pollution, oxygenated water helps your blood in the cleaning of the toxins at the deepest level of your organism. The usual sources of drinking water available in most cities of the world contain at maximum, between four (4) and eight (8) parts per million of oxygen which is a minimum help to solidly sustain the human body. It is evident that an additional complementary influx of oxygen is Vital for the fluidity and the quality of re-generation of the blood circulation.
VitalOxi brings to your whole organism the essential complement for a good functionality of the cellular exchange between your organs, in particular, the brain, the organ that needs the most oxygen.

Lapis Granatum :

These are enzymes coming essentially for the pomegranate (Punica granatum) : mystical fruit, known since the dawn of times for its life re-generating principles, for blood purification, its veins and arteries. It has a general enzymatic action on the circulatory system.

Lapis Ostra :

It is composed of four basic amino acids produced by the pituitary function ”conductor” of our seven endocrine glands and their related functions. They maintain a physical bio-regulation and their functions have an action on the general organism.

Lapis Juvenes :

This is an extraction of amino acids coming from oysters, from Polygonatum Officinale, d’Abelmos-chus manihot, and of Tuber Indicum. These extracts are traditionally used for the support and regu-lation of the renal (nephric) and prostatic organs.

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