A – We make our products following the highest standards :

Our regeneration products are based on natural components such as plants, fruits, diverse biological products extracts, algaes, mineral products, etc…

These raw materials are rigorously selected for their biological qualities and harvested following a traditional process, respecting the natural cycles. The active principles are slowly extracted during months, without any aggressive extraction process, such as acids or excessive heat threatening the biological vibrating qualities of the molecules. We do not use genetically modified biological products, nor any synthetic chemical product. 

The craftsmen, traditional laboratories preparing our raw materials, the botanists, biochemists and the rest of our scientific team are all driven by the same ideal : the respect of quality products and their effectiveness.

Years of experience in this area have brought us to refuse inferior quality, low cost products for the sake of profit. We rather aim at offering high value products, guaranteeing an optimal level of efficacy.  They do not generate any side effects due to a mediocre quality of the fruit or plant-based products as can be seen elsewhere.

B – Recommendations for a step by step regeneration approach over several months :

1- Lapis Pro :

The first step is all about cleaning and cleansing the intestines from the toxin accumulation. This will set a healthy environment, enabling for an effective regeneration. 

Its biotic principle stimulates the exchanges between the digestive functions and promotes a bacterial equilibrium. It allows to launch the reconstruction of the intestinal mucous membranes, which will optimize the exchange with blood and enzymes since the mucosa gets thinner as we grow old. 

The β-sitostérol, flavones, Radix Scutellariae extracts and the other active principles help to avoid the intestines degeneration and allow for a local effect, which will then expand to a general level, regenerating the entire organism. 

2 – Lapis Elixir :

The second step will see the diverse, active principles extracted from Eukaryotes (from the pan-Arctic area) stimulate the regeneration mechanisms by supplying high levels of bioelectric energy. This will relaunch the balanced operation of the cell mitochondrial functions, as well as a better exchange on the quality and quantity of the produced ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).

Its global action will have an effect on all of the body main organs and functions, epiderm included.

3 – Lapis Maris :

The perfect complement to the regeneration process : it is composed of the essential amino acids necessary to build proteins allowing for the cells to function properly. 

These amino acids are the “bricks and mortar” of the body construction. A lack of amino acids will inevitably generate an overall state of weakness and an acceleration of the aging process.
In order to have an optimal efficacy, they must be obtained from natural ingredients, not chemical ones, neither synthetic ones. This is the reason why our laboratories source their ingredients in the pan-Arctic areas.

C – Regeneration complementary products :

VitalOxi :

Oxygen is the main and fundamental element which will cleanse all the body cells (intra and extracellular osmosis). Our industrial world’s pollution levels  brings an additional stress to our body functions. In order to eliminate this pollution, oxygenated water helps the blood to cleanse the toxins in the deepest parts of your organism. The typical sources of water available in a city environment contain from 4 to 8 parts per million (ppm) of oxygen, which is strictly the minimum amount for the body to perform effectively. It is obvious than a complementary oxygen input is vital for the fluidity and the quality of the blood circulation regeneration process. 

VitalOxi delivers the essential supplement to your body, for your organs proper cellular exchange operation, especially for the brain which requires a higher oxygen level.

Lapis Granatum :

These are mostly enzymes provided by the Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) : a mythical fruit, known since the highest antiquity for its life-generating, purifying  principles focusing on blood, veins and arteries. It delivers an overall action on the circulatory system.

Lapis Ostra :

It is composed of four basic amino acids produced by the pituitary function, our seven endocrine glands “conductor” and their related functions. They maintain a physical bio-regulation as their functions concern the general body operation.

Lapis Juvenes :

Is an extract of oyster amino acids, Polygonatum Officinale, Abelmoschus Manihot and Tuber Indicum. These extracts are traditionally used to support the renal and prostatic regulation. 

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