Elixir of the Five Elements (Mahabhutas)

Cleaning of the five memories through the five organs that represent on the physical plane, the five elements. This product presents itself in the form of oily substance which is the “ sulphur principle”. It is absorbed orally at sunset with a lowering moon. Its physical mode of action calls for notions not very well known and out of line in the western world since the following morning, the feces will produce a variable quantity of crystals, corresponding to the five colors of the five elements: the earth, water, air, fire and ether (also known as akasha).
The crystallizations of the kidneys are black, those of the liver are yellowish green, those of the pancreas are maroon, those of the lungs are ivory white, and those of the heart are garnet red. Each crystallization is the materialization of the physical pollutions (from the morphogenetic field) of each organ in their relation with the toxic memory imprinted in every astral body: the earth being the physical, water being the emotional, the air being the mental inferior, fire being the mental superior, and the ether is the gateway between matter and causality. This oil is ingested two or three times during the seven days of the spring descending moon, and this, once every seven years.

This ancestral alchemical preparation of antique India or of the Chinese Taoist is totally remarkable : it brings a cleaning of the energetic astral body by cleaning all elementary forms and regenerating the five organs.

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