Are there any side effects?

There are no negative side effects. Lapis Elixir is a product that does not contain synthetic molecules, nor is it made from GMOs (genetically modified organisms). It is 100% plant-based and natural. Toxicology analyses conducted by an accredited international laboratory reveal it to be entirely free of toxicity. It has no adverse effects. However, in the first month, people that begin to use the product may note:

  • Elimination of toxins in the epidermis: there will be desquamation because the skin regenerates superficially, then deeply.
  • Temporary colon-cleansing effect with unpleasant faecal odours.
  • A need for more sleep at night but also high energy levels during the day.
  • Temporary localised pain for people who have suffered fractures.
  • Liver spots may first darken before they begin to disappear.
  • Increased creativity and intellectual activity.
  • Increased libido.

The symptoms you may experience are signs of toxin elimination, a reaction brought on by the boost to your hormones and the body’s defences.

It is therefore advisable to drink a lot of spring water to help eliminate toxins.

Can I take this treatment if I have a serious or degenerative disease?

Yes, you can. This product stimulates your natural defences and restores your body to its original condition. Not only can someone with a serious or degenerative illness take this dietary supplement, but they may even benefit from unexpected positive outcomes.

After the first course of treatment, should I consider a second?

See dosage.

The human body is like a battery charger and human cells want to be fully charged (mitochondria and mitochondrial DNA).
The length of the treatment will depend on the desired energy force and the needs of the individual, taking into account the age of the person, etc.

How long should I wait before taking it again?

There is no need to wait if you feel the need for regeneration; you must listen to your body. You may continue to use this product even if you are recovering from a major, or serious, illness.

However, if you are satisfied with the treatment and you are happy with your physical health and energy after a first period of 7 months, wait a little before beginning a second course because the effects of the product last several months to several years.

Should I consult a doctor before I take this treatment?

No, not necessarily. However, if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes (insulin-dependent), you will need to consult your doctor when you take Lapis Elixir because the dosage of your usual medication may need adjusting.

I understand the positive effect of Lapis Elixir, but has this product been tested and controlled?

The manufacturing of this product follows a rigorous procedure for the prevention and detection of all bacteria and microbes.
The entire supply chain process control system is monitored fully.
This product has passed all tests establishing the absence of both germs and toxins, thus ensuring the quality of Lapis Elixir.

The product complies with the high standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
It is manufactured in compliance with GMP (good manufacturing practice).

Can I take medicines and other products during treatment? If so, could there be any side effects?

No problem, you can take this product while on medication or if you are using other health products at the same time.

Should I take Lapis Elixir during my period?

During menstruation, it is preferable to stop taking Lapis Elixir, but you will find that your periods are more regular and less painful and prolonged in pre-menopause.

Is the product for both sexes?

Yes, Lapis Elixir is intended to be taken by both sexes. It is derived from natural plant sources and is particularly suitable for people aged 45 or older or for people under that age with an intellectually and/or physically active occupation.

I feel sleepy after taking the first doses of Lapis Elixir.

This is normal at the beginning because it cleanses the body and then stimulates its regeneration.
After activation and renewal of your body’s energy, and the readjustment of your bodily functions, you will need less sleep to feel refreshed and energetic.

How long will it take for me to feel the effects of Lapis Elixir? Will my body become dependent on this product?

The effects of Lapis Elixir last from a few months to several years, depending on your age and physical health. It varies from one individual to another. Some feel the effects after two to three weeks, and others, depending on their physical condition and age, after one to two months.
But they all feel an improvement, with heightened energy levels, a gradual disappearance of aches and pains, more restful sleep, etc.

Lapis Elixir does not create addiction.

Can people with hepatic conditions (liver, gallbladder, cirrhosis, etc.) take Lapis Elixir?

This product promotes the recovery of the cells of a sclerotic liver, but has a similarly beneficial effect on the kidneys and other vital organs, and for the brain, memory, etc.


People suffering from serious disease, currently under treatment must carry on with their prescribed medication under their physician’s supervision.

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