Nanomagnetic corrective insoles for all spine problems, backache, care and general equilibrium

Operating principle of the corrective sole

These corrective insoles are designed and manufactured using nanotechnology to correct ergonomics feet. The main materials used for their manufacture are : silver ions, materials with magnetic energy and tourmaline.

These high-tech soles have over 2,000 points of energy correction. They regulate the pressure of the body on the feet, they re-harmonize and correct the double optimal function of the foot arch and gravity by readjusting the balance of the spine.

The energy of the materials corrects and provides a deep care on general stature of the skeleton. They stimulate the flow of energy through a neurological effect on the reflexology points. It acts on the lymphatic system and extend their actions on the good vital organs overall functioning and the chain of hormonal glands, restoring the balance of the entire skeleton, while promoting the general circulation of energy.

The color of these insoles can vary depending on processing re-harmonization organs, and take a color white, black, blue, red or yellow for the five major internal organs stimulated according to their needs: the lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen.

We can see through the insoles of care changes over months.

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