Lapis Pro – 60 softgel capsules


Gut Microbiota Bio-regulating complex

Lapis Pro is a product promoting the regeneration of the intestinal wall.

Root extract Eukaryotes : Radix Scutellariae

Our intestine has fonctions of an incredible organic complexity. It contains about 100 thousand billions micro-organisms : 10 times more than the sum of all our body cells!

Our intestines are from 7 to 10 meters long (22 to 26 feet). The intestinal mucosa area is about 300 to 400m² big (3200 to 4300ft²), which represents the largest and most complex surface absorbing and exchanging substances within the human body. It is also the stronghold of our immune defense system and the basis of our energetic, physical and cerebral potential. The scientific community has recently discovered that our intestines must remain healthy and that our microbiota is indispensable for the digestive system proper functioning. The uptake of diverse kinds of food including amino-acids, vitamins, minerals, etc… are all necessary to maintain our organic and cellular survival. When getting older, our intestines pile up on toxins, heavy metals, then fabricating diverse kinds of adhesions or polyps, at the same time as our mucosa tends to shrink. The intestines become more and more sensitive to those toxic elements and assimilate ever less nutrients. The PH balance becomes unstable and the enzymatic exchange diminishes. Lapis Pro regulates those deficiencies.

Due to metagenomic recent progress, we have discovered the role of diverse organisms (prokaryotes, bacteria, viruses and eukaryotes) at the very origin of life’s chain of evolution which we can still find in our intestines. It does need to be fed and regenerated. It is fundamental to keep a functioning metabolism, a good health, immune system, nervous system and therefore the starting point to a proper regulation of stress, digestion of fats, sugars, etc… Its malfunctioning would bring allergies (skin diseases), inflammatory diseases, unbalances of all kinds and eventually its organic and cellular degeneration.

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