Spagyric Ganoderma Lucidum

The real legend of the Chinese Ling Zhi

The concern of the ancient Chinese alchemists and magician doctors, but also those of other continents were to understand the order of construction of our world, the emanation of the action plan to the plan, in other words, the invisible to the visible. They sought to establish, and maintain focus in a matter which they called “black peat or al-kemia” or “Philosophical egg”: the universal forces of nature. They sought the preparation of a universal medicine to keep the body healthy energy, and prolong life.
We believe after much research and questioning at some Chinese masters in the high antiquity Egyptian initiates, Indian, Celtic (Druids), Mayan, Persian, etc … were in contact, and exchanged knowledge about nature and science that has now largely disappeared.

Different legends and world texts often mention the art of extracting the three principles of the three kingdoms, vegetable, mineral and crystal-clear : the salt principle, the oily principle and the sulphur principle to manufacture this elixir of life called in the West “philosopher’s Stone ” called in China ” lian dan shu “, the real blood” zhen zheng xue “.

For some Chinese followers (“adaptus” in latin) this science was in two different applications, but the knowledge base remains the same. We find these two applications in two words : spagyrie composed of two roots “SPCA” (separate) and “ageirem” (together) and, alchemy composed of “al” and “kemia” or “al god” and “kemia “(chemistry), the operating principle is” solve “(separate, sublimate) and” kemia “(coagula: collect). So art is to separate the three principles, purify and collect them again.

The spagyrie is about the art of extracting ingredients from herbs or metals and alchemy, transforma-
tion through the art of oratory and laboratory, but also the material of the alchemist himself : the reward being the Philosopher’s Stone symbolized by the “blood of the dragon of the sky” for the Chinese masters he took as an elixir to regenerate every sixty years; this red mercury, spread shows a golden color.

We do not intend in these few lines to explain in full the enormous science (we are not) jealously guarded by all the followers of the different continents for thousands of years. This science was also chased by the various kings and emperors of China and elsewhere because it represented a real power, not on the field but on the mind as it explained the reason of our existence and purpose.

The manufacture of black peat, real catalyst of energy forces the plant likely to condense these forces and make them assailable by the body to strengthen its physical and subtle energy. The raw material has always been jealously guarded time although many texts explain that it is found in abundance and is very simple to obtain. They sought out by observations and laboratory operations it could be this raw material capable of separating, sublimating and retain those forces.

They defined a method to gather at daybreak plants without the energy they do return to the earth, to keep the elemental forces. After harvesting, they locked the plant inside a clay container protected from light, filled with collected fresh dew at sunrise at a particular time of year. The assembly was then heated to temperature of ash (40 degrees) for a period of 40 days. This operation was repeated several times a year to impregnate, and to feed this material peat and energy which passed through different stages of fermentation to sublimation and then calcination. Expired, the peat had the ability to extract the first essence of gold, his mercurial principle is to tint the final sublimation of the peat extracted a gold color (principle “yang” the sun) or silver (principle “ying” the moon).
The different stages of the manufacture of the elixir allowed to pass these three principles: salt, mercury and sulpherish vegetable by the four elements : earth, water, air and fire (cold, hot , wet and dry / lymphatic, melancholic, blood, the bilious). The fifth element, wood represents the synthesis of the previous four, the reaction of the three principles in the four elements : it is the secret fire, the dry and wet salt that is exposed to the moon.
This principle is composed wood and fixer ancestral energy “spirit of the world” which in Latin is pronounced “the mondis spiritus”.

It is for this reason that we find in the Asian symbolism and in Chinese medicine Ling Zhi. The Chinese masters had understood this fungus and took as the basis for the production of this elixir. When peat was ready, they added a tiny amount of gold or silver, then alchemically prepared the dilution according to principles that we find in the West in anthroposophic medicine or the dilution method of homeopathy Hanhneman-nian to perfect their medicine.

This was also true for the Arab, European, Indian alchemists spagyrists, etc … Only the basic plants they used were different, and depending on the crop, the method varied in the stages of preparation but knowledge of the various plans was the same. It is disturbing to find in Chinese symbolism, the Ling Zhi in the beak of the ibis bird we also find in the Egyptian symbolism as it represents the bird of Thoth or Hermes, the father of alchemy.

We hope through these succinct lines have opened a reflection on the symbolic and the science of the ancient “Chinese” masters who used the red Gadonerma Lucidum for its various qualities long before ourselves and our present science in discovering the properties. This knowledge in China on the art of extracting and preparing remedies and knowledge of acupuncture (ancient Chinese doctors were using gold or silver needles they dipped in some situations in an elixir of gold or silver) and medicine were transmitted orally from master to student which explains the lack of accessible information we have received.

Principle of extraction: the spagyric science

The proof from the laboratory

The spagyric science is therefore the act of naturally extracting the pure quintessence of the mineral, the vegetal and also crystal reign.

SPAO, to collect:

One must proceed as a first step to separate the three principles: the SALT principle, the SULFUR principle and the MERCURY principle. In the vegetal world, they are more fragile and imponderable, more like the ether, more subtle than in the mineral reign.

The fresh plant must be picked up at dawn which corresponds to the planetary energy. The plant must be properly brought into a slurry state in a glass mortar, and this liquid mixture must be passed through a cotton filter, in order to separate the aqueous part from the solid parts.

The sap represents the element WATER, the mercurial principal of the plant, the vehicle of the mercury principle of water.

This is a thorough work, it requires that you separate a certain quantity of mercury, the raw principle, by repeating this operation not only on the first “Earth” but also it requires that you amass the quantity of plants necessary to reach your goal.

I make the precise point that those quantities cannot be indicated ahead of time for the good reason that only the spagyrist will instinctively know how many plants he/she will need to pursue his/her work: this science is developed and acquired by a systematic array of failures and going back to the drawing board.

The sap must be preciously set aside, and, in a hermetically sealed flask, protected from the rays of the sun, and must never contain more than 1/3 of the capacity of the flask. After the filtration, you must let the portion earth dry, outside of the daylight and at low temperature (40°C), and you will repass this material into the mortar, to finally obtain a powder almost impalpable. These two operations having been brought to a successful conclusion, the Earth and the Water, must be put into a round-bottomed flask of which the total containing volume must be computed in such a way that 2/3 of the flask must be empty (there are three stages in such a flask: the Earth, the Sky of the Earth, and the Sky), in order to allow a continuous circulation, and avoid the risks of a rupture. The flask well sealed, is put into a bain-marie (double boiler) away from the light of the sun. The bath temperatures of these bain-marie must not exceed 75°C. The time duration of these bain-marie varies with each plant.

The sap, the WATER element, by the action of the temperature, will pass from element WATER to element AIR, in the SKY of the flask. Just to follow and become again element WATER and provoke into the EARTH a fermentation heath that will nourish the earth and will follow a sublimation into the element AIR (SKY of the flask) to fall down into the earth to recommence the cycle until the final term of this phase.

After the first step of extraction-decanting, the mercurial water will gradually acquire the sulfur of the plant that had remained in the Earth, this one being of red colour, green or yellow, always according to the plant used. When the mercury will stop acquiring this vegetal or sulfur tincture, you will need to carefully pump out the liquid part in such a way as to prevent the carrying of earth particles. Leave the EARTH in its original flask, place the flask on the ashes (40°C) in order to continue drying the EARTH, keeping the flask unsealed until complete dewatering of the vegetal powder, but without reaching the level of complete dryness and hardness of the earth.

The sulfur will be pumped out in the of form semi-liquid and set aside. In this last operation, and in the case you are working alone, you will notice that even with all precautions taken care of, you will notice that the quantity of mercurial water that you will collect from this first separation has diminished and that you will need to complete with mercurial water that you have preciously set aside precisely to confront these successive shrinkages.

You will have to repeat this extraction operation of the sulfur until your mercurial-water will stop providing any tincture to the vegetal earth, something that you will notice easily by the transparency of the liquid. We have therefore extracted and separated two of the three principles:

  1. the mercury

  2. the sulfur.

We now have to take care of the SALT principle, the body of the plant (the SALT principle is very interesting since its crystallization provides us with a specific geometric form that represent what will allow us to fix the other two principles: vibratory support): this last one is buried into the vegetal earth. You must therefore extract the later from the flask in which it was during the course of the precedent sulfur and mercury extractions. This earth must be calcinated on an inox steel plate at very high temperature in such a way that you will render the earth into white grey ash and without any carbon left.

Put this ash into twice its volume of source water or dew that you have harvested in morning full moon just before dawn after having filtered the dew: boil the whole thing for ½ hour. Pass it through a cotton linen filter (new tissue that has been cleaned of its finisher and/or starch). You pick up the ash that you collected from the filter and you boil one more time for ¼ of an hour in only one time its volume of water, and you will pass it through again in the same kind of filter. This oily water once collected, must be joined to the first one. Put these waters in a solid Pyrex bowl (borosilicate glass) or any other glass that can sustain very high temperature and proceed to the evaporation of the whole water, but, by successive steps in order to retract the deposit that is formed during the evaporation, and repeat until there is no more salt that is deposited in the process.

The SALT will thereafter be calcinated at high temperature (in order to eliminate any memory by the fire), it will then be put into the mercurial water that was used during the extraction of the sulfur principle. Always using the bain-marie (double boiler) and for a period of 40 days, until the salt is completely assimilated into its extractor liquid and that nothing but the dead feces are present into the bottom of the flask. You must repeat this operation many times in order to extract all the SALT and by practicing like with the sulfur extractions, with all the necessary distillations to separate the mercurial water form the extracted salt.

All of this resumes in repetitive operations that require a lot more of attention and patience than sophisticated knowledge.

The third principle is now separated, and, the SALT by this process has been purified to the maximum possible by a human.

AGEIREN, to Assemble:

We now must proceed to the second phase that consists in reuniting the three principles in order to obtain the vegetal stone that presents itself in solid and crystalline form as in all planetary crystals.

If you understood well the process from the start and that you have weighed the different principles through their separation, you must have by now to start, a certain quantity of mercurial water. Even if you extracted much more than you immediately need for your distillations and extractions, it must also be the case for a certain quantity of plants at the start that brought you a certain quantity of SULFUR and of SALT.

We want to impress the following point on the mind of all advised researchers. The choice you make of the glass flask that you will use for this phase of the operation is now very important. It must have an elongated neck and its volume must be calculated in relation to all the different materials that will be deposited in it. The volume of the total content must NOT surpass 1/3 of the total volume. The glass must have a respectable thickness. A heat resistant full rubber bottleneck will be sufficient to seal the flask.

You must weigh the available SALT, put it into the vase after having passed it through the glass mortar. The SALT must be very dry and powdery (pulverulent). On top of the SALT you must add 1/3 of the weight of the salt coming from sulfur and 1/3 of the weight of the salt coming from mercury. Hermetically seal the flask and put it in an incubator at 30°C for a period of 10 days. Raise the temperature to 40°C for another 10 days, then raise to 60°C for 10 more days and finally raise to 75°C for another 10 days. Let it cool completely. Unseal if you don’t see the presence of vapors. Add 1/3 of the sulfur and1/3 of the mercurial water and repeat the 40 days’ operation described above.

Let it cool completely and in the absence of vapors, unseal and repeat the overall operation adding again each time 1/3 of sulfur and 1/3 of mercurial water but this time start immediately the temperature at 40°C for 10 days then to 75°C for 10 days. When there is no more presence of drops nor vapors rising from the earth towards the sky and returning down from the sky to the earth, then raise the temperature to 100°C until total stabilization. Let it cool completely, cut the vase with a professional glass diamond cutter at exactly the half of its volume and you can collect the vegetal stone thus present.

The person who can realize this stone, has in his possession the spagyric true quintessence of what is a vegetal medicine that has no equal on this reign.

Once completed, the quintessence can be conserved in its state or diluted into an alcohol of good quality like a cognac.

This vegetal stone containing the three principles can be diluted, following the proportions of Hahnemann or Korsakoff and its action on the physical plane, the body emotional and the inferior mental body of man. If we add the Alchemia Gold Medicine, it will establish a bridge between the inferior mental body and the superior mental body. The Alchemist and not the Spagyric scientist will then bring its own last touch:

Include in the preparation a bit of the medicine of the first or second degree of the multiplication of the philosopher stone, and then, warm into an incubator with temperature not above 40°C for 72 hours: the transmutation will let appear into the liquid, some brownish particles and a few deposits. Let it cool, filter, place in a jar (demijohn) well protected against the light of the day. All this last operation over which I cannot divulge too much, has revealed the way to purify whatever remained of the “terrestriality”, and, allowed to cure the plants, because universal medicine will cure the three reigns.

It is now ready to be used as a dilution, a trituration, a cream, to be added to a massage oil or any other oil (mass oil), as a cosmetic, veterinary or agricultural usage.


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