DJED – F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

The health of our body depends largely on our immunity.

What is DJED?

Djed is an Egyptian symbol representing energy rather than stability (Nikola Tesla was inspired by ancestral knowledge). The Egyptians placed several Djed pillars in the Great Pyramid of King Khufu (Cheops), which is not actually the tomb of this Pharaoh. The pyramid served many functions thanks to the Djed pillars, supplying energy to the various mechanisms for irrigation, closing the doors and creating a vortex of protection around the pyramid. The Djed has a very specific geometric shape.

The function of the Djed food supplement is therefore mainly to provide energy to the cells and energy stability to the functions of the spine by providing a compound derived from plants, fruits, etc., containing natural adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that may be synthesised by the body without any adverse effects.

Are there any side effects?

There are no negative side effects. Djed is a product that does not contain synthetic molecules, nor is it made from GMOs (genetically modified organisms); it is 100% plant-based and natural. Toxicology analyses conducted by an accredited international laboratory reveal it to be entirely free of toxicity. It has no adverse effects. However, in the first month, people that begin to use the product may note:

  • No major side effects have been observed.

  • In cases of cellular degeneration, it may lead to higher body heat and stimulation during the first days, and arousal related to an increase in general energy that this product causes within cellular functions of organelles.

It is advisable to drink a lot of spring water to help eliminate toxins and to follow a less meat-based diet, if possible.

It is not recommended to consume dairy products after taking Djed in the morning.

Can I take this treatment if I have a serious or degenerative disease?

Yes, you can. Djed stimulates the natural defences. Not only can someone with a serious or degenerative disease take this dietary supplement, but they may even benefit from unexpected positive outcomes thanks to the energy boost.

After the first course of treatment, should I consider a second?

See dosage.

There is no limit to the length of treatment; it is entirely up to the individual. It may be taken all year round; only the dosage changes from five grams taken once to two times per day (from one to two full tablespoons).

Should I consult a doctor before I take this treatment?

No, not necessarily. However, if you suffer from a chronic illness, you will need to consult your doctor when you take Djed.

I understand the positive effect of Djed, but has this product been tested and controlled?

The manufacturing of this product follows a rigorous procedure for the prevention and detection of all bacteria and microbes. This product contains no lactic ferments, starch, yeast, gluten, allergens, preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colourings, irradiated ingredients, or GMOs.

The entire supply chain process control system is monitored fully.

This product has passed all tests establishing the absence of both germs and toxins, thus ensuring the quality of Djed.

The product complies with the high standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

It is manufactured in compliance with GMP (good manufacturing practice).

Can I take medicines and other products during treatment? If so, could there be any side effects?

No problem, you can take this product while on medication or if you are using other health products at the same time.

Can I take Djed during my period?

During menstruation, there is no need to stop taking Djed; quite the contrary, it can provide energy and have an action on hormonal regulation and problems related to disruption of the menstrual cycle.

Can anyone use the product?

Yes, Djed is safe for all people over the age of 6 but it is even more recommendable for older people. It is derived from natural plant sources and is particularly beneficial for people with immune deficiencies of all kinds, as well as for problems related to chronic fatigue and premature ageing. In addition to providing energy, its nutritional value in terms of trace minerals is essential for the body’s functioning. It has been observed that Djed provides physically active people over the age of 55 with extra strength and muscle mass, caused by the action of ATP on mitochondria and the function of the adrenal glands (adrenaline) and the hormonal chain (testosterone).

How long will it take for me to feel the effects of Djed? Will my body become dependent on this product?

The effect of Djed is felt after a few days of taking it and its effectiveness, if taken for two to three months, will last several months depending on the age, physical health and diet of the individual.

Djed does not create addiction.

Can people with liver and gall bladder conditions, cirrhosis, diverticula, etc. take Djed?

This product promotes the regeneration of the cells of a sclerotic liver, but it also does the same for the kidneys, lungs and other vital organs. Its function is to provide energy and to boost the body’s general functions, including the immune system.


People suffering from serious illnesses diagnosed by their doctor (and undergoing medical treatment) must continue to be treated medically by their doctor.

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