Fulmina Distri, rare products for the regeneration of the body

Products for health and regeneration

In this day and age we’ve all experienced the pain of having a close one suffering from illness.

True remedies exist but where to find that plant, extract or formula in the world around us? One that will bring us relief and proper medication, without toxicity or at an accepted level considering the overall benefit of the medicine.

Every illness comes with its own remedy. Mother Nature does not bring disharmony to its realm without offering solutions. Whether they come from plants, animals, minerals, vitamins, etc.

We plan to gradually offer access to a variety of solutions to stay healthy or get there, in order to compensate the nutritional deficiencies brought onto us by our modern lifestyles. Typical unbalances generated by processed food evermore saturated in an endless list of colorings, flavorings, stabilizers, chemical fertilizers, GMO, nanoparticles and more…
All of them, artificial elements our bodies were never designed to deal with, physically (immune system) or even spiritually.

We, at Fulmina Distri, gather already known remedies, rare or forgotten ones, but of the best quality available.
Our products are manufactured by well respected craftsmen and industrial companies aiming at perfection when sourcing their ingredients and their processing, thus guaranteeing the best quality standards.

We will, in time, offer other products that have become increasingly more difficult to obtain, due to their innate properties such as essences, oils, perfumes, incense, aromatics, and other rare extracts.

Life enhancing products that will improve your longevity and your health capital, with a wide spectrum beneficial effect.
The first selected products, preventive and curative formulas, result from an ancient knowledge, secretly and carefully passed on. They are now available and manufactured according to pharmaceutical industry standards in the form of a range of nutritional supplements.

We’re confident you will find the right product to improve your health and wellbeing. We aim at making our products available to an ever increasing number of people and also to preserve and spread the diversity of products still available in other parts of the world.

You can also contribute by spreading the word for the good of all.

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