Recommendations for an Optimal Regeneration

A – We make our products following the highest standards

Our regeneration products are based on natural components such as plants, fruits, diverse biological products extracts, algaes, mineral products, etc…

These raw materials are rigorously selected for their biological qualities and harvested following a traditional process, respecting the natural cycles. The active principles are slowly extracted during months, without any aggressive extraction process, such as acids or excessive heat threatening the biological vibrating qualities of the molecules. We do not use genetically modified biological products, nor any synthetic chemical product. 

The craftsmen, traditional laboratories preparing our raw materials, the botanists, biochemists and the rest of our scientific team are all driven by the same ideal : the respect of quality products and their effectiveness.

Years of experience in this area have brought us to refuse inferior quality, low cost products for the sake of profit.

We rather aim at offering high value products, guaranteeing an optimal level of efficacy.

They do not generate any side effects due to a mediocre quality of the fruit or plant-based products as can be seen elsewhere.

B – Recommendations for a step by step regeneration approach over several months

1 – Lapis Pro

The first step is all about cleaning and cleansing the intestines from the toxin, free radicals and heavy metal traces accumulations. This will set a healthy environment, enabling for an effective regeneration.

Its biotic principle stimulates the exchanges between the digestive functions and promotes a bacterial equilibrium. It allows to launch the reconstruction of the intestinal mucous membranes, which will optimize the exchange with blood and enzymes since the mucosa gets thinner as we grow old.

The β-sitostérol, flavones, Radix Scutellariae extracts and the other active principles help to avoid the intestines degeneration and allow for a local effect, which will then expand to a general level, regenerating the entire organism.

This product will detox the whole digestive system (toxins, free radicals, heavy metal traces) included the five emunctories (liver, intestine, skin, lungs, pancreas and kidneys), then re-start all digestive functions and finally regenerate the cells. You have to use before to start a whole cells regeneration with Lapis Elixir. We recommend 3 months.

2 – Lapis Elixir

The second step will see the diverse, active principles extracted from Eukaryotes (from the pan-Arctic area) stimulates the regeneration mechanisms by supplying high levels of bio-electric energy. This will relaunch the balanced operation of the cell mitochondrial functions, as well as a better exchange on the quality and quantity of the produced ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). Its global action will have an effect on all of the body main organs and functions, epiderm included. We recommend to take it on 4/5 months minimum.

C – Regeneration complementary products

Lapis Olea

This extract made from Red Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom spore oil is necessary to boost all your immune system (by liver, kidneys and lungs). All people who have a chronic disease has a low immune system. This product supplies amino acids and the following minerals : germanium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, iron, zinc and copper.

Inside this product, the triterpenes and the polysaccharides induce well known recurrent effects. We know the polysaccharides have strong immunomodulatory and anti-oxidative effect, and the triterpenes have anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory effects, reduce high blood pressure and increase micro blood circulation.

The spore oil is rare and costly to extract

  • The first step is to get hold of 10.000 to 12.000 kg (10-12 metric tons) of Ganoderma mushroom to produce about a 100 kg of spores.
  • We then need to prepare 100 to 120 kgs of spores to produce 1.5 to 2.5 kg of oil containing more or less 30% of pure triterpenes following this growing and extracting process.

To produce a minimum amount for distribution purposes, we need 1/1.2 tons of spore producing 15 to 25 kg of oil.

Lapis Ostra

Lapis Ostra is an exclusive formula using root eukaryotes extracts of Rhodiola Imbricata coming from the pan-Himalayan mountains where it grows at high altitudes (1600 to 4000m high). This variety of Rhodiola has a strong vitality and an uncommon ability to adapt to its environment : the “memories” of the Eukaryotes have a direct informing action on the mitochondrial ATP in our cells.

It is composed of four basic amino acids produced by the pituitary function, our seven endocrine glands “conductor” and their related functions. They maintain a physical bio-regulation as their functions concern the general body operation.  It supplies oxygen to your brain.

When you regenerate the brain, you have action on the Central Nervous system and all the body (including endocrine system).


High Energy generating nutritional supplement for your cells

Djed is a natural energy providing dietary supplement for your body : an organic plant based ATP source with a high bio-availability.

This organic mix, available as a green powder, maintains the cells organelles longevity and the organs vital functions.

It provides a natural energy input (bio-electricity) to the mitochondrial organelles to provoke the cyclical Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production.

  1. If you are young, it can increase muscles force and stamina by 30 % about.
  2. If you are older, it will bring you a very strong daily energy to move, to walk and to have more physical force.
  3. If you are elder, you will feel more daily energy  and help you to rebuild your muscles if you lost muscular mass for a few years if you can have a minimum of energy and walk easier.

This product is composed of plants, seeds and wild citrus fruits, all submitted to extremely harsh climatic conditions from arid desert areas, stimulating the production of a natural and bio-available Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

Lapis Juvenes

Lapis Juvenes is an extract of oyster amino acids, Polygonatum Officinale, Abelmoschus Manihot and Tuber Indicum. These extracts are traditionally used to support the renal and prostatic regulation. 

Lapis juvenes contains a lot of oyster oligo-peptides along with the other active plant extracts relaunch the bio-electric signal within our organism thus contributing to a proper functioning of our cells.

This active compound is not, thus, a vasodilatator but rather a physical bio-regulator. Lapis Juvenes brings balance to the Ying Yang energy levels. It provides the fundamental nutrients to your renal function and strengthens the general immunity and also more global energy. It stimulates the libido on females and males.

D – Synergy between products

Lapis Pro + Lapis Elixir

Full cells regeneration cycle for healthy people on 6/7 months and one year for people who have chronic diseases.

Lapis Pro + Lapis Olea

If you have any chronic disease, both products will have these following properties :

  • detox your five emunctories ( (liver, intestine, skin, lungs, pancreas and kidneys) and intestine
  • re-start your digestive functions which is the first step of cells regeneration
  • boost your whole immune system
  • supplies energy after a few weeks
  • increase the micro blood circulation and lymphatic system

Lapis Pro + Djed

If you are an elder and lost a lot energy in your daily life or if you are sporty but you want to develop your muscle mass because you want to keep your shape many more years, these both products will detox you in a first step and then help you to keep your muscles or develop them if you are younger.

Lapis Pro + Lapis Ostra

You have suffered a series of hardships in your life. You need to revive your motivations, your organic and nervous energies by a detoxification of free radicals, rebuild your digestive system and regain nervous stability by acting on your Central Nervous System (CNS), best adaptation to stress, better physical resistance, increase oxygen in your brain. The intestine being called “the Second Brain”, the synergy of these both products allows to develop adaptogenic properties.

Lapis Pro + Lapis Juvenes

If you are female or male over 50 years and feel lower sexual energy or if you are a male who have prostate troubles, these products will detox you on a first step, will reharmonise your digestive functions and then in a second step will supply energy to your kidneys and also more global energy.

Djed + Lapis Ostra

For athletes or elders to regain either muscle force and stamina or energy vitality according to age.

Djed + Lapis Juvenes

Djed develops the overall vital energy by an energy supply. Lapis Juvenes remineralizes organism by the contribution of oyster oligo-peptides, has a strong regulatory action on the kidneys and the prostate in men.

Lapis Juvenes + Lapis Ostra

Lapis Juvenes develops the genital organic functions, maintains with oligo-peptides the genital functions on females and males, stimulates the energy on kidneys, allows a better blood micro-circulation and Lapis Ostra has an adaptogenic action of “de-stressing” and regulating the Central Nervous System (CNS) but also the whole synaptic communication: the desire.

Lapis Ostra + Lapis Olea

Lapis Ostra supplies energy to the nervous system, adaptogen, supplies oxygen to the whole organism including the brain. In addition, Lapis Olea restores energy and increases immunity (action on the liver the kidneys and the lungs). Develops blood micro-circulation in whole body.

Lapis Elixir + Lapis Juvenes

Lapis Elixir have a cells regeneration action throughout the whole body by Adenosine Trisphosphate (ATP) and collagen supply. Lapis Juvenes provides an oligo-peptide supply and improves the bio-regulation function of the kidneys, the prostate on men but also the genital function on females and males.

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