Lapis Juvenes – F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does this product work ?

These different compounds reinitialize vibratory information functions that permit the regularization of the endocrine system that provoke a functional recovery and a reaction to the emotional desire.
The internal absorption of these active principles is operated within five (5) minutes at the level of the stomach, then, the information is transmitted in a delay of thirty (30) minutes to the masculine or feminine endocrine function, that will trigger and activate the mental imagination functions, part of the emotions of the desire (Eros or libido). Therefore, this product is NOT a vasodilator that triggers a local reaction, it is a product acting on the transmission of information that allows the triggering of a natural physical reaction which is not “forced” (endorphins* and dopamine*). It is therefore capable solving temporary or chronic stress consequences of modern life, or simply natural cycles of aging.
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Are there any secondary effects ?

Experience did not demonstrate the presence of any secondary effect. Lapis Juvenes is not a product that contains synthetic molecules or coming from GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) but it is entirely from natural origin, vegetal and of oysters extracts. It does not contain any revealed kind of toxicity from the toxicology analysis that have been done by an international accredited laboratory. It does not produce any undesirable effect. However, people we be able to feel:

  • A regularization of the endocrine system
  • An improvement of the immune and anti-inflammatory systems
  • An augmentation of the resistance of the body
  • An improvement of the cardio-vascular function and its microcirculatory effect
  • An augmentation of the cerebral creativity
  • An augmentation of the libido
  • It prevents uncontrolled ejaculations in men
  • Its enzymes are regulating testosterone, and, its vegetal estrogen act on the prevention or the reduction of the menopause symptoms in women.

In conclusion, the symptoms that you will encounter are the result of a process of elimination of toxins in the body, a relaunch of the hormonal system and of the defenses of the organism.

It is advisable in these circumstances to drink more source water to facilitate the elimination of those toxins.

Having a de-generative or serious illness, can I follow this treatment?

This product is particularly useful for men and women entering the andropause or menopause phase of their life, in order to relaunch the general endocrine functions and bring back a bit of youth, imagination and desire. We CANNOT confirm its efficiency in cases of prostate or ovaries degeneration. However, certain people obtained unexpected favorable results, from its general efficiency in relaunching the different organic functions. We can however confirm that we did not obtain, from the different analysis, nor in the repeated use of the product, nor observed any undesirable effects.

After the first treatment, should I envisage to start a second one ?

This product is not designed as a therapeutic product. It is not targeted to a particular pathology, but it is a product that will regulate the hormonal function as a whole. It can therefore be absorbed on a daily basis even on a prolonged one, and its regulatory effect stimulates the potential of desire.
The choice of daily posology depends essentially on each individual need and his or her physical condition and their age.

Should I consult a doctor before taking this treatment?

No, not necessarily, but however, if you suffer from, a cardiac problem,from diabetes (insulin dependent) it is necessary to consult your treating doctor while you absorb Lapis Juvenes, because there is a chance that the posology of your usual medicines, might need to be readjusted.

I understand the positive effect of the Lapis Juvenes, but, has this product been the subject of analysis and control?

This product is manufactured with a very rigorous procedure concerning specifically the prevention and detection of any kind of bacteria, microbes.

The entire production chain process control is subject to a complete investigation.

The product is subjected to the whole battery of test confirming the absence of germs and toxins, the hallmark of guaranty of quality of the Lapis Juvenes. The product is in total conformity with the norms and standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). It stands in its fabrication method with the norms of “GMP” (Good Manufactory Process).

Can we utilize other medications or products during the cure? If yes, could there be presence of secondary effects?

Absolutely NO problem. You can take this product while at the same time taking medications or any other health products. We did not observe any iatrogenic reaction with this product, even while absorbing any other medical product. But, good sense indicate that it is preferable to moderate the use of alcohol, coffee and all stimulants during the cure.

Can I take Lapis Juvenes during my menstruation cycle?

It is preferable to interrupt the taking of Lapis Juvenes during your periods. You will notice however that your menstrual cycles will become more regular and less prolonged and less painful, especially so in pre-menopause period.

Is the product good for both sexes ?

Yes, Lapis Juvenes is valuable for both sexes. It comes from natural vegetal sources and it is particularly favourable for people starting at the age of 50 or before and also for those who have a stressful profession.

After how much time can we observe the effects of Lapis Juvenes ? Is our body becoming dependent of this product ?

The effect of Lapis Juvenes will last will last many weeks, according to age, and the physical health of each individual. This varies among individuals. Most people will feel its efficiency with the first absorptions, and others, according to their health and their age, after three to seven days. Everyone will experience an improvement in the emotion of desire and the function of desire with a lot more energy, and a gradual re-equilibrium of their troubles. There is NO dependency with Lapis Juvenes.


People suffering from grave illnesses that have been diagnosed by their treating physicians (and under medical treatment) MUST continue to be under the care of their doctor.

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