Oxygen is the principal and fundamental ingredient that cleans all the cells of the organism (intra and extra cellular osmosis). Environmental pollution of the industrialized world is an additional stress to all your physical functions.
In order to clean this pollution, oxygenated water helps your blood in the cleaning of the toxins at the deepest level of your organism. The usual sources of drinking water available in most cities of the world contain at maximum, between four (4) and eight (8) parts per million of oxygen which is a minimum help to solidly sustain the human body. It is evident that an additional complementary influx of oxygen is Vital for the fluidity and the quality of re-generation of the blood circulation.
VitalOxi brings to your whole organism the essential complement for a good functionality of the cellular exchange between your organs, in particular, the brain, the organ that needs the most oxygen.

Lapis Granatum

These are enzymes coming essentially from the pomegranate (Punica granatum): mystical fruit, known since the dawn of times for its life re-generating principles, for blood purification, its veins and arteries. It has a general enzymatic action on the circulatory system.

Lapis Ostra

It is composed of four basic amino acids produced by the pituitary function “conductor”of our seven endocrine glands and their related functions. They maintain a physical bio-regulation and their functions have an action on the general organism.

Ganoderma Lucidum

Summary of properties : Immuno-enhancer, Anti-mutagenic, Hepatoma-protective (alcoholism) major detoxifying agent in case of poisoning with heavy metals and pollutants, Antioxidant, Gastro-protective, Neuroprotective, Anti-depressant, Anti-hypertensive ( improves cardiovascular system), Anti-tumor, Adaptogen, Analgesic, Action of physical and brain regeneration, greatly improves sleep and physical recovery, Increases energy levels.
The Ganoderma can be used daily for food and drug poisoning, to prevent flu, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis and many problems and diseases related viruses, bacteria.

Spagyric Ganoderma Lucidum

The real legend of the Chinese Ling Zhi

The concern of the ancient Chinese alchemists and magician doctors, but also those of other continents were to understand the order of construction of our world, the emanation of the action plan to the plan, in other words, the invisible to the visible. They sought to establish, and maintain focus in a matter which they called “black peat or al-kemia” or “Philosophical egg”: the universal forces of nature. They sought the preparation of a universal medicine to keep the body healthy energy, and prolong life.
We believe after much research and questioning at some Chinese masters in the high antiquity Egyptian initiates, Indian, Celtic (Druids), Mayan, Persian, etc … were in contact, and exchanged knowledge about nature and science that has now largely disappeared.

Different legends and world texts often mention the art of extracting the three principles of the three kingdoms, vegetable, mineral and crystal-clear : the salt principle, the oily principle and the sulphur principle to manufacture this elixir of life called in the West “philosopher’s Stone ” called in China ” lian dan shu “, the real blood” zhen zheng xue “.

For some Chinese followers (“adaptus” in latin) this science was in two different applications, but the knowledge base remains the same. We find these two applications in two words : spagyrie composed of two roots “SPCA” (separate) and “ageirem” (together) and, alchemy composed of “al” and “kemia” or “al god” and “kemia “(chemistry), the operating principle is” solve “(separate, sublimate) and” kemia “(coagula: collect). So art is to separate the three principles, purify and collect them again.

The spagyrie is about the art of extracting ingredients from herbs or metals and alchemy, transforma-
tion through the art of oratory and laboratory, but also the material of the alchemist himself : the reward being the Philosopher’s Stone symbolized by the “blood of the dragon of the sky” for the Chinese masters he took as an elixir to regenerate every sixty years; this red mercury, spread shows a golden color.

We do not intend in these few lines to explain in full the enormous science (we are not) jealously guarded by all the followers of the different continents for thousands of years. This science was also chased by the various kings and emperors of China and elsewhere because it represented a real power, not on the field but on the mind as it explained the reason of our existence and purpose.

The manufacture of black peat, real catalyst of energy forces the plant likely to condense these forces and make them assailable by the body to strengthen its physical and subtle energy. The raw material has always been jealously guarded time although many texts explain that it is found in abundance and is very simple to obtain. They sought out by observations and laboratory operations it could be this raw material capable of separating, sublimating and retain those forces.

They defined a method to gather at daybreak plants without the energy they do return to the earth, to keep the elemental forces. After harvesting, they locked the plant inside a clay container protected from light, filled with collected fresh dew at sunrise at a particular time of year. The assembly was then heated to temperature of ash (40 degrees) for a period of 40 days. This operation was repeated several times a year to impregnate, and to feed this material peat and energy which passed through different stages of fermentation to sublimation and then calcination. Expired, the peat had the ability to extract the first essence of gold, his mercurial principle is to tint the final sublimation of the peat extracted a gold color (principle “yang” the sun) or silver (principle “ying” the moon).
The different stages of the manufacture of the elixir allowed to pass these three principles: salt, mercury and sulpherish vegetable by the four elements : earth, water, air and fire (cold, hot , wet and dry / lymphatic, melancholic, blood, the bilious). The fifth element, wood represents the synthesis of the previous four, the reaction of the three principles in the four elements : it is the secret fire, the dry and wet salt that is exposed to the moon.
This principle is composed wood and fixer ancestral energy “spirit of the world” which in Latin is pronounced “the mondis spiritus”.

It is for this reason that we find in the Asian symbolism and in Chinese medicine Ling Zhi. The Chinese masters had understood this fungus and took as the basis for the production of this elixir. When peat was ready, they added a tiny amount of gold or silver, then alchemically prepared the dilution according to principles that we find in the West in anthroposophic medicine or the dilution method of homeopathy Hanhneman-nian to perfect their medicine.

This was also true for the Arab, European, Indian alchemists spagyrists, etc … Only the basic plants they used were different, and depending on the crop, the method varied in the stages of preparation but knowledge of the various plans was the same. It is disturbing to find in Chinese symbolism, the Ling Zhi in the beak of the ibis bird we also find in the Egyptian symbolism as it represents the bird of Thoth or Hermes, the father of alchemy.

We hope through these succinct lines have opened a reflection on the symbolic and the science of the ancient “Chinese” masters who used the red Gadonerma Lucidum for its various qualities long before ourselves and our present science in discovering the properties. This knowledge in China on the art of extracting and preparing remedies and knowledge of acupuncture (ancient Chinese doctors were using gold or silver needles they dipped in some situations in an elixir of gold or silver) and medicine were transmitted orally from master to student which explains the lack of accessible information we have received.

Nanomagnetic corrective insoles for all spine problems, backache, care and general equilibrium

Operating principle of the corrective sole

These corrective insoles are designed and manufactured using nanotechnology to correct ergonomics feet. The main materials used for their manufacture are : silver ions, materials with magnetic energy and tourmaline.

These high-tech soles have over 2,000 points of energy correction. They regulate the pressure of the body on the feet, they re-harmonize and correct the double optimal function of the foot arch and gravity by readjusting the balance of the spine.

The energy of the materials corrects and provides a deep care on general stature of the skeleton. They stimulate the flow of energy through a neurological effect on the reflexology points. It acts on the lymphatic system and extend their actions on the good vital organs overall functioning and the chain of hormonal glands, restoring the balance of the entire skeleton, while promoting the general circulation of energy.

The color of these insoles can vary depending on processing re-harmonization organs, and take a color white, black, blue, red or yellow for the five major internal organs stimulated according to their needs: the lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen.
We can see through the insoles of care changes over months.

Excessively Rare Products

Spagiric potable Gold of the first degree

Spagiric potable Gold is a very old remedy, certain Egyptian texts are talking about it for more than one thousand five hundred years (1500) before Christ : it is equally cited in Persian texts and old antique Indian texts. We also find its trace in the Taoist Chinese texts. Its secret of fabrication being jealously preserved from master to pupil as part of a tight knowledge carrying the pupil to the sate of adept.
Its general efficiency : potable gold brings to the body and most particularly to the energetic body a progressive regeneration. In a very near future we will provide a more comprehensive explanation.

Alchemical Extracts (Spao-Ageirem) of precious and semi-precious stones

jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonyx, sard, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth, amethyst, diamond, onyx.

These fourteen stones come from natural origin, not subjected to heat being diluted in an alchemical alkahest (universal solvent) : once diluted, the three principles are separated and purified (solvent phase) then, reassembled (coagula phase). There will result a quintessence : the later can be diluted at 40º C for a period of forty (40) days in morning dew, put into a vial or used as the base for ointments, pomade, or many other uses.

These preparations are particularly recommended for homeopathic doctors, therapists specialised in anthroposophy.

Elixir of the Five Elements (Mahabhutas)

Cleaning of the five memories through the five organs that represent on the physical plane, the five elements. This product presents itself in the form of oily substance which is the “ sulphur principle”. It is absorbed orally at sunset with a lowering moon. Its physical mode of action calls for notions not very well known and out of line in the western world since the following morning, the feces will produce a variable quantity of crystals, corresponding to the five colors of the five elements: the earth, water, air, fire and ether (also known as akasha).
The crystallizations of the kidneys are black, those of the liver are yellowish green, those of the pancreas are maroon, those of the lungs are ivory white, and those of the heart are garnet red. Each crystallization is the materialization of the physical pollutions (from the morphogenetic field) of each organ in their relation with the toxic memory imprinted in every astral body: the earth being the physical, water being the emotional, the air being the mental inferior, fire being the mental superior, and the ether is the gateway between matter and causality. This oil is ingested two or three times during the seven days of the spring descending moon, and this, once every seven years.

This ancestral alchemical preparation of antique India or of the Chinese Taoist is totally remarkable : it brings a cleaning of the energetic astral body by cleaning all elementary forms and regenerating the five organs.

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