Lapis Juvenes


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Lapis Juvenes


Renal function and prostate regulator

Oysters and plant-based oligo-peptides complex

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A Golden Enzyme

Renal function and prostate regulator

Oysters and plant-based oligopeptides complex

This product has been developed using diverse kinds of extracts : oligopeptides (amino acids), oysters bio-enzymes, Tuber indicum, Polygonatum odoratum, Panax ginseng, Lepidium meyenii and Albika Abelmoschus manihot. The multiple properties do not only result from the active principles themselves, but from the quality of the ingredients and their extraction mode : they trigger the natural resonance with our hormonal production functions (estrogens, progesterones and testosterones), and this naturally.

The oyster oligopeptides along with the other active plant extracts relaunch the bioelectric signal within our organism thus contributing to a proper functioning of our cells.

These quantitative and qualitative informations allow to maintain and extend our feminine or masculine hormonal health at a moment in our lives where we feel that physical energy gradually decreasing. The bio-enzymes and the small oyster peptides are extracted using a natural high technology process. They have the power to stimulate the different organs of our reproductive functions and to stimulate our libido.

This active compound is not, thus, a vasodilatator but rather a physical bio-regulator. Lapis Juvenes brings balance to the Ying Yang energy levels. It provides the fundamental nutrients to your renal function and strengthens the general immunity.


To relaunch and maintain your womanhood or virility :

3 tablets twice a day, 15 minutes after breakfast and 15 minutes after dinner.

To enjoy an episode of feminine presence or virility :

3 tablets, 30 minutes prior to the foreplay.

1 box of Lapis Juvenes contains 120 tablets.


We do not recommend to use Lapis Juvenes under 40y.o. but IT IS RECOMMENDED for men who experience Andropause and for women, Menopause.

This product doesn’t carry any toxicity nor any secondary effect if taken according to the recommended dosage.

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