VitalOxi – F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you mean by VitalOxi?

Let’s start by saying that VitalOxi it is not H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide). VitalOxi is still H2O (water). We succeeded to produce what science said was impossible. According to the Law of William Henry, we were not supposed to be able to INTEGRATE more than 14 particles of oxygen per million of molecules into water. If you measure the content of oxygen particles contained in the water you drink from almost any existing natural sources, you will see that the actual content in oxygen is not more than 4 or 5 parts per million of oxygen. The minimal content of oxygen molecules in the water of VitalOxi is 40 p.p.m. and the maximum is 120 p.p.m. With additional treatment we could integrate over 200 p.p.m., which is not for daily life applications.

Why should I add VitalOxi in my diet ?

Let us remind ourselves that our own blood, which contains approximately 120 p.p.m. of oxygen, is itself composed of approximately 83% of water. When our heart pumps its chamber of red blood into our body, approximately once every half second, blue blood comes back to the heart to be refreshed through the lungs to become red again, and restart its daily routine of cleaning the body of all its toxins. We are aware that the toxicity of modern life has created a lot of pressure on the organism and our heart could use a bit of support by adding another kind of water full of oxygen to clean the body. The most important organ touched by the additional oxygen support, is our brain.

Also, during the previous millennia the percentage of oxygen in the air we breathe, was approximately 28%, today it is between 15% and 21%. In certain polluted metropolitan areas, it is as low as 9%. Adding extra molecules of oxygen into your body, will save your life.

Can you become oxidized by drinking too much VitalOxi?

That was one of our initial inquiry when we started being successful at building VitalOxi with a very high content in oxygen. First of all, we were comforted by the fact that our heart is pumping non-stop oxygenated water through our body, and medicine never observed any oxidizing effect from that activity. But, we had to ask the question. So we started providing VitalOxi in many different applications: general medicine, surgery, agriculture, veterinary situations, athletic performance and a few others. The results we obtained were spectacular and we felt the need to send these results to the best biological laboratories in the world, for analysis. Here are the results:

“We have examined purified VitalOxi* in our assay system against the strong pro-oxidant SIN-1 which produces a key body oxidant called peroxynitrite. The VitalOxi acted as an antioxidant by suppressing the light from a chemical called luminol. Normally the peroxynitrite reacts with the luminol to produce light or chemical luminescence. This response was inhibited by the VitalOxi. This means that the VitalOxi interfered with the production or transmission of light and a clear interpretation of this is it is acting as an antioxidant against the peroxynitrite.

In conclusion we feel that the VitalOxi exhibited a potential medical benefit which other competing products did not. In fact, the same competitors product appeared to have stimulated oxidation which could cause oxidative damage. We believe that the difference between these products could be very important.”

*Years ago in 2000, we tested this product under the name AquaBee – but it was absolutely the same product now presented under the trademard VitalOxi.

Robert C. Byrd
Health Sciences Center
of West Virginia University 2/7/2000

The results obtained in all domains of application are clearly in line with the previous interpretation. You can drink as many glasses of VitalOxi as your heart number of pumping in one day. In other words, the normal one to two liters per day will only help you. All the results we obtained were based on the absorption of two (2) glasses of VitalOxi per day, at 30 p.p.m.


What complementary effects can I expect from VitalOxi ?

The brain is the organ that most benefits from the supply of oxygen. It is therefore evident that the brain will benefit from it, and as a consequence it will contribute to a better regulatory action all over the body, with a better health.

Does VitalOxi have an action on blood circulation?

Its antioxidant effect has an immediate action on the regulation over cholesterolemia problems and generally favor blood circulation. Plaque will not survive the action of oxygen.

Are there any secondary effects with VitalOxi?

There are no negative secondary effects. The symptoms that you will feel:

  • a faster recuperation to fatigue
  • improved general organic functions
  • a relaunch reaction of the defense system of the organism

Having a de-generative or serious illness, can I follow this treatment?

Yes, you can. VitalOxi stimulates the natural defence system and relaunches the initial digestive order of your organism. Not only can you take this treatment, but it is not rare to obtain unexpected favourable results.

Should I consult a doctor before taking this treatment?

No, not necessarily, but however, if you suffer from an intestinal illness, (Cröhn disease for example), a cardiac problem, from an elevated hypertension, from diabetes (insulin dependent) it is necessary to consult your treating doctor while you absorb VitalOxi, because there is a chance that the posology of your usual medicines, might need to be readjusted.

I understand the positive effect of the VitalOxi, but, has this product been the subject of analysis and control?

This product is the object of recognition by scientific authorities, with the award of two Master Patents. This product is manufactured with a very rigorous procedure concerning specifically the prevention and detection of any kind of bacteria, microbes.

The entire production chain process control is subject to a complete investigation.

The product is subjected to the whole battery of test confirming the absence of germs and toxins, the hallmark of guaranty of quality of the VitalOxi. The product is in total conformity with the norms and standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). It stands in its fabrication method with the norms of “GMP” (Good Manufactory Process).

Can we utilize other medications or products during the cure? If yes, could there be presence of secondary effects?

Absolutely NO problem. You can take this product while at the same time taking medications or any other health products.

Can I take VitalOxi during my menstruation cycle?

It is not necessary to interrupt the taking of VitalOxi during your periods. You will notice however that your menstrual cycles will become more regular and less prolonged and less painful, especially so in pre-menopause period.

Is the product valid for any individual?

Yes, VitalOxi is valid for any person starting from birth and particularly useful for senior citizens.

After how much time can we observe the effects of VitalOxi ? Is our body becoming dependent of this product ?

Everyone feels an improvement of the digestive functions, accompanied with more energy, and the gradual disappearance of their digestive problems. There is NO dependency to VitalOxi.

People suffering from hepatic or gall bladder problems, cirrhosis, diverticula, cystitis, etc., can they take VitalOxi?

This product favours the general re-generation of the cells that have become sclerotic.


People suffering from grave illnesses that have been diagnosed by their treating physicians (and under medical treatment) MUST continue to be under the care of their doctor.

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