Lapis Maris – F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you mean by oligo-peptides?

A peptide is a polymer made of amino acids linked between each other by peptidic liaisons.

These oligopeptides can also be classified according to the number of amino acids* : those composed of two amino acids (like aspartame or alitame) they are called dipeptides, and those composed of three amino acids that are called tripeptides. Generally, when they are longer, we simply speak of peptides (we abandon the specification of the number of amino acids). Polymers composed of a larger number of amino acids are simply called polypeptides. They are generally issued from a translation of a messenger RNA. Proteins, finally are assemblies of one or many polypeptides having been submitted to modifications post translation with the result of being the subject of a proteinic folding.

Neuropeptides are peptides that have been secreted by a neuron that singularizes itself by its neuro-transmitter function.

We can classify the therapeutic peptides in three categories :

  1. The natural peptides, also called bioactive peptides, produced by the organism
  2. The peptides issued from the genetic data bank
  3. The peptides issued from chemical data bank, produced by synthesis

The discovery of the first bioactive peptide is already older than 90 years old. As a matter of fact, in 1923, Banting and Macleod were awarded the Nobel Prize of Medicine for their discovery of Insulin and of one peptide acting on the glycaemia by its action on the pancreas well known in the treatment of diabetes. This peptide molecule had been extracted at the time, from the pancreas of a beef and a pork.

Progresses in peptide extraction permitted the production of highly performing peptides that conducted to the selection of bioactive peptides. Since this technological breakthrough, peptides, on the same basis as proteins, are considered as the natural molecules of the future.

« MARIS » signifies “SEA” in latin. These bioactive oligo-peptides are issued from many different specific marine regions, and are extracted from sea mollusks, amongst which the oyster, fishes, marine eukaryotes, and on the vegetal side, from BIOLOGICAL AND NON GMO soya and nuts, etc… This complex of bioactive oligopeptides is diversified, and each component has an average molecular mass of 3000 Daltons** (or a bit lower) which allows them to be directly absorbable by the intestinal membrane.

* Amino acids are molecules that enter into the composition of proteins by way of their assembly in liaisons that we refer to as peptidic.

**A dalton is a unified atomic mass unit (amu), the symbol “da” is a standard measuring unit, used to express the mass of molecules and atoms. As a clue, a Dalton is equivalent to a large degree of precision, to the mass of an hydrogen atom, of which the exact value is 1,00794 Dalton

What complementary effects can I expect from Lapis Maris ?

This ensemble has an anti-aging effect and contributes to the inhibition of the cellular aging.

The bioactive peptides have an action on the general immunity, on aging of the cells, and by consequence on the physical recuperation and the fatigue of the organism. These peptides have a bio-regulating action on the hormonal chain, including sperm genesis and the regulation of the menstrual cycle. They allow a good physical and muscular recuperation by their bio-regulating hepatic and glucosic actions. They inhibit the accumulation of lactic acid at the time of physical efforts and also improve the growth in children.

Lapis Maris contains more than eighteen (18) kinds of amino-acids, mineral salts, vitamins, and fifty (50) kinds of natural nutritional elements of which the mucopolysaccharide, the chondroitin acid and manganese. It is equally rich in the following amino acids : glutathione, arginine and taurine.

These peptides allow a better recuperation in general and a better physical recuperation when recuperating from surgical operations (following fractures and diverse trauma for example) but equally improves cicatrization.

Does Lapis Maris have an action on blood circulation?

Peptides provoke a regulation over cholesterolemia problems and generally favor blood circulation.

Are there any secondary effects with Lapis Maris ?

  • There are no negative secondary effects. Lapis Maris is NOT a product that contains synthetic molecules or coming out of a production of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). It is entirely made from natural and vegetal origin.
  • It does not contain any revealed toxicity by toxicology analysis, performed by an Approved International Laboratory. It does not generate any undesirable effect. However, during the first month of treatment, people will observe the following :

The symptoms that you will feel:

  • a faster recuperation to fatigue
  • improved general organic functions
  • a relaunch reaction of the defense system of the organism

Having a de-generative or serious illness, can I follow this treatment?

Yes, you can. Lapis Maris stimulates the natural defence system and relaunches the initial digestive order of your organism. Not only can you take this treatment, but it is not rare to obtain unexpected favourable results.

After the first treatment, can I envisage a second one?

The normal choice of the length of the treatment is in the order of two to three months, but it can be extended according to the re-generation needs of the intestine to many months. According to the needs of each individual, the age and the quality of his or her way of life.

Should I consult a doctor before taking this treatment?

No, not necessarily, but however, if you suffer from a chronical illness, a cardiac problem, from an elevated hypertension, from diabetes (insulin dependent) it is necessary to consult your treating doctor while you absorb Lapis Maris, because there is a chance that the posology of your usual medicines, might need to be readjusted.

I understand the positive effect of the Lapis Maris, but, has this product been the subject of analysis and control?

This product is manufactured with a very rigorous procedure concerning specifically the prevention and detection of any kind of bacteria, microbes. This product does not contain any derivatives of lactic ferments, nor starches, nor yeast, nor gluten, nor any allergic substances, no conserving agents, nor sweetening substance, no colouring nor irradiated substance.

The entire production chain process control is subject to a complete investigation.

The product is subjected to the whole battery of test confirming the absence of germs and toxins, the hallmark of guaranty of quality of the Lapis Maris. The product is in total conformity with the norms and standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). It stands in its fabrication method with the norms of “GMP” (Good Manufactory Process).

Can we utilize other medications or products during the cure? If yes, could there be presence of secondary effects?

Absolutely NO problem. You can take this product while at the same time taking medications or any other health products.

Can I take Lapis Maris during my menstruation cycle?

It is not necessary to interrupt the taking of Lapis Maris during your periods. You will notice however that your menstrual cycles will become more regular and less prolonged and less painful, especially so in pre-menopause period.

Is the product valid for any individual?

Yes, Lapis Maris is valid for any person starting age 6. It comes from natural vegetal sources and is particularly favourable for elder person and children starting age 6, teen agers in a period of growth, but also athletes or persons with a very active physical and / or intellectual life.

After how much time can we observe the effects of Lapis Maris ? Is our body becoming dependent of this product?

Certain people will feel it after two to three weeks, and others, according to their physical state, their age, from one to two months. Everyone feel an improvement of the general functions, accompanied with more energy, and the gradual disappearance of certain disorders mentioned above.

There is NO dependency to Lapis Maris.

People suffering from hepatic or gall bladder problems, cirrhosis, diverticula, cystitis, etc… can they take Lapis Maris?

This product favours the re-generation of the liver cells that have become sclerosis and it is also the case of the kidneys and other vital organs.


People suffering from grave illnesses that have been diagnosed by their treating physicians (and under medical treatment) MUST continue to be under the care of their doctor.

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