Quintessence of Cordyceps Sinensis



Quintessence of Cordyceps Sinensis


We are preparing a quintessence of “Cordyceps Sinensis” (we specify “Sinensis” and not “Militaris”) obtained from our direct contacts with Sherpas from Nepal and Tibet.

We separated and purified the three principles of Cordyceps Sinensis following an ancestral spagyric knowledge. This method of preparation allows to increase the molecular and vibrational frequency but also to concentrate the multiple healing properties of this fungus recognized for centuries, but unfortunately reserved for an elite, because of its rarity and its price.

The wild “Cordyceps Sinensis” is rare and its harvest is between 11500 and 16000 feet above sea level is extremely monitored and regulated by the authorities and by the Sherpas themselves. There are many varieties of Cordyceps but the only one that is real effective for human health is the “Synensis”.

This quintessence, which requires several months of preparation, comes in a 50 ml bottle (1.690701 US fl oz ) and it only takes a pipette (thirty drops) three times a day between meals to achieve true effectiveness of the traditional bioactive principles of the “Cordyceps Sinensis” below:

  • adaptogens (anti-stress and anti-anxiety)
  • Antioxidant
  • immuno-modulator
  • Antiviral
  • anti-cell degeneration
  • action on the pancreas (anti-diabetic)
  • kidney protection and improved kidney function
  • liver protection and liver-improvement
  • protecting the lungs and improving lung function
  • action on apoptosis
  • anti-fatigue and improved endurance
  • action on testosterone
  • action on ovaries in women and prostate in men
  • strong action on libido, sexual kidney energy recognized for centuries in Asian medicine for its aphrodisiac powers

This spagyric quintessence allows to have a product concentrated in nucleosides: adenosine – cordycepine contained in the three alchemical principles directly assimilated at the perilingual level. It is easy to take directly into the mouth or in a tea or a small glass of water.

The quintessence of “Cordyceps Sinensis” has no counterindications or true side effects. On the other hand, it is not advisable for children, pregnant women or the ones who breastfeed, hemophiliacs or people on anticoagulant treatments.

Dosage :

The dosage of the quintessence of “Cordyceps Sinensis” is a pipette (30 drops) 3 times a day for regeneration treatment or acute or chronic diseases.

The dosage of the quintessence of “Cordyceps Sinensis” is half a pipette (15 drops) 3 times a day in prevention or maintenance.

The quintessence of “Cordyceps Sinensis” can also be used à la carte treatment.

Directions :

Take the drops and pour them under the tongue, then stir with the saliva for a minute before swallowing. It is also possible to pour the drops into a small glass of water or a cup of hot tea (not burning).

Warning : Do not use a microwave oven to heat the water. Also, don’t forget to tap the bottle in the back of your hand before each use to homogenize the quintessence.

Take either 30 Mins before meals or 30 Mins after meals.

Additional information :

It takes more than a kilo (2lb 3.27oz) of Cordyceps Sinensis to make 200 bottles of 50 ml (1.690701 US fl oz)

Price :

USD 290 / bottle of 50 ml (1.690701 US fl oz)

Warning :

This product will be delivered in April 2021. Please order it as soon as you can due to limited quantity of only 200 bottles.

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