The value of oxygenated water


Vital Oxy – the Value of Oxygenated Water –

  • Human health is totally dependent on a good blood circulation in your body.
  • Your blood is essentially composed of water (around 83%) with a very high content of oxygen, in the range of 120 ppm (parts per million).
  • With every heartbeat, the blood (bright red) function is to clean the organism of its toxins. The content in oxygen in your blood, is what allows your body to be cleaner. The higher the level of oxygen the better your body stays healthy. When arteries are clogged it reduces the flow of blood and therefore of oxygen, and the risk of disequilibrium of the organic functions augment considerably, provoking different symptoms and pathologies.
  • The usual water that people drink today is very low in oxygen content – around 4 ppm. This water does not provide the optimal support necessary to fight all the kinds of toxins of the urban pollution, and re-harmonize our vital functions in order to confront this “modern environment”.
  • Just by drinking two glasses of high oxygen content water, humans augment their energy capacity ready to fight the dysfunctions of our body and maintain the circulatory and re-generative functions.
  • The brain in particular, needs more oxygen than any other organs. With aging, just the reduction of the quantity of oxygen, is sufficient for the brain to develop de-generative pathologies.
  • If you have a very active life in particular, your body will need extra oxygen. It is the case of all athletes, and also of manual labour (the construction workers, etc.) as well as all those professions that require intensive cerebral concentration : everyone is looking for a solution to augment the arrival of oxygen in their bodies. Water is the only natural product that can perform this task in a natural manner. The higher the content in oxygen in the water you drink, the more you augment your chances to avoid all sorts of illnesses and reduce the growth of aging (apoptosis).
  • It has been recognized since many decades that cancer cells, in particular, are incapable of developing in a rich environment of oxygen. By bringing oxygen into your bloodstream, and you can fight most of the diseases.
  • The oxygenated water we produce is clearly H2O. It has been declared by different laboratories and Health Services of major countries, as the best natural ANTIOXYDANT identified and recognized.
  • Antioxidants, are recognized by every health practitioner, as a key element for fighting free radicals. It is also the major force to defend against aging.
  • Several clinical researches, for many years, indicate significant improvement of people who were drinking this water with high content in oxygen.

Every major part of our own body is constituted with a large amount of water:

  • BRAIN …………………..74.5%
  • BLOOD ………………….83.0%
  • HEART ………………….75.0%
  • LUNGS ………………….80.0%
  • MUSCLES ………………75.6%
  • LIVER ……………………86.0%
  • KIDNEYS ……………….82.7

Bottle of 500 ml of a water whose content is 120 ppm

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