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Craig Calonica

So far I’ve noticed better sleep, and better bowel movements and overall general health.

I’ve been going to third world countries my entire life and have had dysentery so many times I’ve lost count, consequently it did major damage to my gut and permanently effected bowel movements, and I can tell the Lapis Pro is repairing that damage, which is great as I didn’t think that would be possible after incurring so much damage over the years, it did so much damage that my gut probably needs additional treatment, I saw that the Lapis Elixir does further repair, is this true?

That said, my overall feeling is good and I feel stronger during my workouts in the gym and while I’m skiing, which is great as I’m out there cranking away all the time and at high altitudes at that, so I need all the help I can get.

I’m still taking the products and so I’m sure I will experience more changes, which I look forward too!

G R Williams
Lapis Pro - 120 softgel capsules

I started using Lapis Pro 12.17.19 following directions on label taking 4 @ days as instructed. My age is 66, and I try to walk daily with some push-ups before Lapis Pro.

One of the first things that I noticed was clarity of my mind, mobility was improved greatly, my focus was greatly increased, and after taking for about 35 days I discovered that my strength was greatly increased.

I was doing push-ups in 3 sets, but after this period I immediately doubled the amount of push-ups that I was doing daily w/o any pain or discomfort in my joints or muscles.

I started doing my push-ups off the bathtub with my feet, no issues in endurance.

I also experienced a vibration in left leg between my knee and hip similar to how the old pagers would vibrate. I also had 3 to 4 vibrations on my left arm, but not as strong as the left leg was. Understand this is from Lapis Pro making repairs on my heart.

I have since increased them to a total of 90 push-ups @ day, still no pain or discomfort with what I doing.

I went to a popular restaurant, eating the salad bar about 12:45 PM and found that I had difficulties from the salad bar as I was having difficulties from doing my push-ups regiment. I was doing less than what I had increased to with extreme difficulty.

Next day back to doing my normal 90 push-ups @ day with no issues.

Prior to starting Lapis Pro this was one of my favorite restaurant to eat at, but it appears that it’s off the list now.

I make my own salads at home, with a very detailed process that I put all items thru, zapping on arrival from grocery, washing, cleaning, preparing and zapping finished salad before consuming it.

If I wasn’t taking Lapis Pro and doing the push-ups that I had increased I would have never realized that eating at a salad bar could have such a dramatic effect on how my body would process it and the lack of strength from doing this.

Dr Robert Hallowitz
Lapis Elixir - 30 doses

I would like to offer a testimony for the website on the progression of hair color change assuming you would welcome an additional truthful account of what has resulted from taking the Lapis Elixir.

I am 74 years old. I am a retired physician/scientist. I have had multiple systemic problems including diverticulosis/diverticulitis, ulerative colitis, coronary artery disease with four minor heart attacks, degenerative disc disease from neck to sacrum with cervical nerve root compression, as well as sciatica from L-S spine nerve compression, spinal stenosis in both cervical and lumbar spine, osteoarthritic knees with a torn medial meniscus in the right knee, and have been on a chronic pain management program using opiate pain meds with muscle relaxants, stage three renal failure from a combination of a stone- obstructed left kidney with hydronephrosis, chronic use of Naproxen sodium (Alleve) for several decades, and medication controlled hypertension. I have had paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and atrial irritability with extra beats.

Subjectively I have actually recovered remarkably well from everything mentioned above with exception of my chronic pain syndromes. I have been nutritionally conscious for at least 2 decades and have quantified my nutritional deficiencies in terms of micronutrients (vitamins/minerals) and have detoxified over the years from prior bad habits.

When I started my use of Lapis Elixir I had grey hair. After using just a thirty dose regime consisting of 2 doses every other day for a week followed by one dose at bed time every other day until the supply was used up, my hair is returning to its former brown color.

I have been able to reduce and almost eliminate opiate pain medication and muscle relaxants. My energy level and mental sharpness has improved noticeably. My blood pressure, which on meds was still higher than normal, at 150/70 has returned to a more youthful benign level of 110/70 every morning. All of my risk factors in blood work are now unremarkable and within normal limits. My neck, back and nerve root pain has all but been eliminated.

I play golf using a golf cart to get around, but now I do much more walking, my strength has increased as evidenced by the distance I can hit the ball off the tee and fairways, my concentration and fluidity of motion has vastly improved and whereas I used to be very happy with a score of 85 for eighteen holes, I now am averaging between 75-82 since being on the Lapis Elixir, solely because of the physical improvements I just described. My knees no longer get fluid after working out and I can sustain a weight program now without adverse consequences.

My plan is to repeat my program with both the Lapis Elixir and Lapis Pro. My intention is to use the Elixir for five months at 2 vials a day and also use the Lapis Pro as directed simultaneously. I understand the significance of hair color restoration is the fulfilment of DNA repair, hence more complete RNA synthesis, improved protein synthesis, which applies in hair follicles to the production of the pigment we call hair color.

This same restoration of DNA/RNA/protein synthesis is going on throughout the body, and as we make new cells as old ones die off, the new ones have a pre-aging DNA/RNA structure/function, cells with mitochondria that are capable of enhanced energy production and therefore the ability to fight the ravages of oxidative damage caused by free radicals which cause the progressive damage to DNA and therefore deficiencies in RNA/protein synthesis. This to me is the most significant understanding of why the Lapis Elixir is so powerful at restoring health, wellness and even youthful vitality.

I hope this testimony will help aspiring users of these products to make the investment. In brief it is so worthwhile!!

Brian Schmitz
Lapis Elixir - 30 doses
I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and prescribed expensive drugs. While being told, I will NOT get better, that the drugs will only slow down the deterioration process. For several years they were correct. Then I found Lapis Elixir. In just a few months, my MS symptoms have gotten drastically better. Others have commented that I look, walk and talk much better. All things that the “doctors” told me, are a thing of my past. I feel extremely fortunate to have stumbled across this treatment. I hope others do too. Good health should not be a secret.
Guy Montpetit
Lapis Elixir - 30 doses
I am an adult male born in 1938, I am a scientist, I will be eighty years old this year, and I have a relatively solid health. Having been a vegetalian for the last 30 years, all my vital functions are in a normal condition. My energy level is more than acceptable, being able to pursue a daily routine of twelve hours per day and my night sleep never surpasses an average of five (5) to six (6) hours per night. After many years in Asia in the pollution with a poor quality of food, I travelled a lot. My sleep cycle had been upset to the point of modifying my average night sleep to 4 hours and 30 minutes per night and my intestines had become very fragile. In March 2016, I followed a treatment of Lapis Pro, that lasted for a period of 30 days with a posology of two softgels per day (one at night before bed and one at wake up time in the morning). In November 2016, I followed a treatment of Lapis Elixir that lasted for a period of 30 days with a posology of two vials of Lapis Elixir per day dissolved in a lukewarm glass of water. In March of 2018, I followed a treatment of Lapis Elixir that lasted 30 days. In the three situations, the results surprised me enormously. The Lapis Pro treatment re-established my intestines in a record time. It did not take more than a week of treatment to find adequate and consistent intestinal health. In November 2016, we had access to Lapis Elixir, and this treatment results were squarely remarkable. Not only my intestines regained complete health – they operated like new ones – my level of energy had come back to my normal way of operating, feeling I had pulled back my clock twenty years back. My hairs that had become white (my children were calling me « papawhite »), started regaining their original colour, it is particularly evident when I come out of the shower, they are « reddish black » over 60% of my skull. In March 2018 that the results most particularly impressed me. The most surprising aspect of the second Lapis Elixir treatment is that since I completed the treatment thirty days later, my intestines have been permanently repaired. Unless I fall on a batch of food that is clearly unhealthy and I catch a diarrhoea on that day, immediately on the following day, my intestines become normal again. My level of energy has come back. My hair did not return to their white colour, but the progression of the surface of darker colouring has stopped. Since April 2018, I did not absorb any more Lapis Elixir and all the beneficial advantages I gained with this supplement, solidly stayed in place. It is not useless to mention that the absorption of these food supplements does not carry ANY SECONDARY NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS. They do not have bad taste and they are easily absorbed.
Jerzy Babkowsky
Lapis Elixir - 30 doses
I am a man over sixty years old. First effects in the first days were very good sleep. The pain in my back (compressed disks and sciatica) started to subside. Within a week, my motility was greatly improved and I could walk without hunching over. In two weeks’ time, energy levels were high enough that sleep time was reduced to about 5-6 hours per night. In 4 weeks the pain was diminished by at least 50% in my back and walking and climbing stairs was remarkably improved. In 5 weeks I slowed medication of pain pills as they were required less, and the sleeping agents were no longer useful as deep sleep was enough to refresh me. I started peeling of skin with new skin appearing underneath. One very bad growth on my right pinky finger that had been growing for years and had to be trimmed else it became hard (kind of wart) as a fingernail disappear and smooth skin replaced it. The bags under my eyes have been reduced almost completely on the right side and at least 50% on the left side under the eyes. The most astonished result is that I just found again the sensation of smell that I had lost for eight years which means that the Lapis Elixir really regenerates step by step all my body cells.
Sai Kwun Peter POON
Lapis Pro - 60 softgel capsules

I am almost 70 years old and had many digestive health problems, high blood pressure. I had many operations to liver, gallbladder and also gut I had several polyps .
After taking Lapis Pro, I had progressive results :

After 2 days :
– a big cleaning of the intestines
– a growing increase in energy day after day
– the feeling of hunger is back (I was never hungry before)
– my sleep has improved over the days and has become deep and restorative

After one week :
– my blood pressure went down from day to day and then rose slightly at a normal rate to stabilize.
– my blood sugar level also went down and returned to normal

After three weeks :
– Since my stroke, my fingers were numb and now I’m surprised that I found full mobility of all my fingers
– I started to get pimples on my scalp as it seems the detoxification goes on…
– Since the same time my skin starts to be more colorful, more shiny with less wrinkles

I have the feeling that Lapis Pro really regenerates step by step.

Alain Loriol
Lapis Elixir - 30 doses
Man 72 years old. Five months ago, I discovered Lapis Elixir; Although the first manifestations were found very positive (greater clarity of mind found, increased reading speed, significant increase in crumbled memory, energy spontaneously found when waking up) I was nevertheless confronted, upon awakening, with a symptom of discomfort; although very attracted by the first results already noted, I had to resist the desire to interrupt; but after moving the taking of Lapis Elixir: “the evening before bedtime, the morning after breakfast”, everything has been back in order: my time of assimilation of the product was undoubtedly insufficient, at bedtime: I suffer from liver and pancreatic insufficiency no longer having gallbladder; My wife, 76, has never experienced a symptom of discomfort; after only one month of treatment, and playing the piano, my wife found, her ability to replay from memory, pieces totally forgotten, that she thought definitely forgotten for ever.
Raymond Ramseyer
Lapis Elixir - 30 doses
Last September, I took for the first time a cure (30 days) of your product Lapis Elixir, cure to bring a “regeneration of the organism in general”. I’m usually suspicious of miracle products, especially those that affect health. The information you have given me decided and I must admit that the effects of this cure are exceptional. My skin has found flexibility and softness, brown spots called “old aging spots” are about to disappear. In addition, I feel a new vitality, I sleep more deeply and wake up feeling that my body is working perfectly. I wanted to share with you my great satisfaction. Chavannes-des-Bois, October 8, 2018.
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