Lapis Elixir – F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are there any significant secondary effects?

There are no secondary negative effects. Lapis Elixir is not a product that contains synthetic molecules or molecules coming from GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms); it is entirely from natural and vegetal origin. It does not contain any toxicity as revealed by the toxicology analysis undertaken by an internationally certified and recognized laboratory. No undesirable effect has been detected. However, for the people on the first month of use of this product, they may recognize the following:

  • Drainage of the toxins at the eve of the epidermal: desquamation occurs since the skin first regenerate itself superficially, then in depth.
  • Temporary drainage of the intestine with a loss of bad and smelly faeces.
  • An urge for more night sleep but equally an augmentation of strong energy during the day.
  • The appearance of momentary local pains in the case of people who have been the victim of fractures.
  • Old age skin spots on the skin will first start to darken and slowly disappear.
  • Augmentation of the cerebral and intellectual creativity.
  • Augmentation of the libido.

The above symptoms that you may recognize are clear sings of elimination of the toxins, a reaction of the re-triggering of the hormonal system, and of the defence system of the organism.

It is advisable in this case to augment your intake of source water in order to facilitate the elimination of the toxins.

I have a serious or a de-generative illness, can I follow this treatment?

Yes, you can. This product stimulates the natural defense mechanisms and re-triggers the original order of your organism. Not only a person having such a serious or de-generative illness can take this food supplement, but can also obtain unexpected favorable results.

After the first treatment, should I contemplate a second one?

See Posology. As a matter of fact, the human body resembles a lot to a battery charger, and the human cells desire to be in a state of being fully charged (mitochondria and mitochondrial DNA).

The choice for the length of the treatment is solely dependent on the desired need of energy level one wishes to attain, and is solely determined by the needs of the individual, taking into consideration the aged of the beholder.

In this case, how much time do we need to wait before starting the second treatment?

It is not necessary to wait if you feel the need to rebuild your re-generation, you must listen to your own body. You can continue this treatment even if you were coming out of an important or even grave illness. On the other hand, if the first treatment brought you satisfaction, and you judge that your physical health and physical energy level is to your expectation after a 7 months’ treatment, wait a bit before starting the second one, since the efficiency of the product can last for many months even years.

Should I consult my doctor before taking this treatment?

NO, not necessarily. However, if you suffer from a cardiac illness, elevated hypertension, or from diabetes (insulin dependent), it is necessary to consult your doctor while you are taking Lapis Elixir – since he may need to modify your prescription (it’s posology) in order to be readjusted.

I understand the positive effect of the Lapis Elixir, but has this product been analyzed and controlled?

This product is manufactured according to a very rigorous procedure in order to prevent the existence of all types of bacteria and microbes. The production is subject to a complete investigation of the process control of the whole production chain. It is subject to pass all the test demonstrating the total absence of germs and toxins, thus guaranteeing the quality of Lapis Elixir.

The product is in conformity with the high standards fixed by the World Health Organizations (WHO). It responds to the norms of the GMP (Good Manufactory Process), in respect of this fabrication mode.

Can we absorb medications and other products during the cure? If YES, could there be some secondary effects?

No problems. You can take this product at the same time you are consuming medications or any other health products.

Must I take the Lapis Elixir during my menstrual cycle?

During the menstrual cycle, it is preferable that you stop taking Lapis Elixir. You will observe however, that your menstrual cycles are more regular and less painful even more prolonged in pre-menopause period.

Is the product good for both sexes?

Yes. Lapis Elixir is good for both sexes. It comes from natural vegetal sources and it is particularly favorable for person above the age of 45 years old or before if you have a very active intellectual or physical profession.

We feel somnolent after having taken the first doses of Lapis Elixir.

It is the normal effect at the very beginning of the treatment, since it triggers a process of cleaning of the organism and one of re-generation of the organism. After the activation and the energetic renewal of your organism, the later becomes readjusted in its functions, we therefore need a little bit more sleepless time so you can feel regenerated and more energetic.

Until what time can we observe the effects of Lapis Elixir? Does our body become dependent on the product?

The effects of Lapis Elixir will last from a few months to a few years, according to age and physical health of everyone. It varies with individuals. Some will become aware of the change after two to three weeks, others, according to their physical state, will, after one to two months.

But everyone will observe an improvement of their energy level, the gradual disappearance of their troubles, while noting an improvement of their sleeping patterns like feeling very well rested after sleep.

There is absolutely no dependence problem with Lapis Elixir.

People suffering from hepatic problems (liver, gallbladder, cirrhosis, etc.), can they take Lapis Elixir?

This product favors the restart of liver cells that became sclerotic, and it is also the case for the kidneys and other vital organs like the brain, the memory, etc.


People suffering from grave illnesses diagnosed by their treating physician, (and under medical treatment) MUST continue to be medically followed by their physician.

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