Lapis Fungus – F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

The health of our body depends largely on our immune system.

What is Lapis Fungus?

It is extracted from the spores of red Ganoderma lucidum, which contain the most essential active substances of this eukaryotic fungus: polysaccharides, triterpenes and adenosine. You can take this powder several times a day; it has no toxic effects. Its adaptogenic, anti-free radical potential and active substances stimulate our immune defences and keep us healthy and full of energy.

Are there any side effects?

There are no negative side effects. Lapis Fungus is a product that does not contain synthetic molecules, nor is it made from GMOs (genetically modified organisms); it is 100% plant-based and natural. Toxicology analyses conducted by an accredited international laboratory reveal it to be entirely free of toxicity. It has no adverse effects. However, in the first month, people that begin to use the product may note certain effects:

  • No major side effects have been observed.
  • It has anti-free radical properties and a cell and liver bioregulating function, which promotes greater overall bodily energy, and if taken in high doses, it may lead to a state of arousal which will not create any toxicity in the body.
  • Adaptogenic (anti-stress): it may cause drowsiness or a need for sleep during the first few days of treatment due to the fact that it regulates the liver and nervous systems.
  • Anti-allergenic: it may temporarily heighten allergy symptoms, which will disappear after a few days – mainly respiratory allergies to pollen and grasses.
  • In cases of cell degeneration, high doses will increase the immune function, leading to higher body heat, sweating during the first days, and arousal.

The symptoms you may experience are signs of toxin elimination, a reaction brought on by the liver-stimulating function.

Can I take Lapis Fungus powder if I have a serious or degenerative disease?

Yes, you can. Lapis Fungus stimulates the natural defences. Not only can someone with a serious or degenerative illness take this dietary supplement, but they may even benefit from unexpected positive outcomes.

After finishing the first box, should I move on to a second?

See dosage.

The length of the treatment is two to three months, but it may be extended depending on the needs of the liver and immune functions. Lapis Fungus may be taken all year round as a hot drink. You will find that, after taking it over several months, it will have a profound effect on your organ functions and the quality of your skin. It also tends to strengthen your natural hair colour.

Should I consult a doctor before I take this product?

No, not necessarily. However, if you suffer from a chronic illness, you will need to consult your doctor when you take Lapis Fungus. If you have particular problems with your blood sugar or other serious liver problems, Lapis Fungus has a profound effect on liver, pancreatic (alcoholism) and lung functions.

I understand the positive effect of Lapis Fungus, but has this product been tested and controlled?

The manufacturing of this product follows a rigorous procedure for the prevention and detection of all bacteria and microbes. This product contains no lactic ferments, starch, yeast, gluten, allergens, preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colourings, irradiated ingredients, or GMOs.

The entire supply chain process control system is monitored fully.

This product has passed all tests establishing the absence of both germs and toxins, thus ensuring the quality of Lapis Fungus.

The product complies with the high standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

It is manufactured in compliance with GMP (good manufacturing practice).

Can I take medicines and other products while on a course of Lapis Fungus? If so, could there be any side effects?

No problem, you can take this product while on medication or if you are using other health products at the same time.

Can I take Lapis Fungus during my period?

During menstruation, there is no need to stop taking Lapis Fungus.

Can anyone use the product?

Yes, Lapis Fungus is safe for all people over the age of 6 but it is even more recommendable for older people. It is derived from natural plant sources and is particularly beneficial for people with immune deficiencies of all kinds, as well as for liver, nerve, and kidney disorders and the prevention of influenza or colds. It is also a great protector of lung functions. You may sweeten it with honey or maple syrup.

Is it normal if my sleep seems deeper and more restorative?

This is a normal effect because it cleanses and stimulates liver, kidney and lung regeneration.

It boosts your body’s energy.

How long will it take for me to feel the effects of Lapis Fungus? Will my body become dependent on this product?

The effects of Lapis Fungus last a few months, depending on your age, physical health and diet. It varies from one individual to another. Some feel the effects after only a few doses, and others, depending on their physical condition and age, after two to three weeks. They feel an improvement in the bio-assimilation, liver, kidney, and lung functions, and have more energy.

Lapis Fungus does not create addiction.

Can people with liver and gallbladder conditions, cirrhosis, diverticula, etc. take Lapis Fungus?

This product helps protect livers damaged through by repeated and excessive alcohol intake, but is equally beneficial for the kidneys, lungs and other vital organs.


People suffering from serious illnesses diagnosed by their doctor (and undergoing medical treatment) must continue to be treated medically by their doctor.

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