Lapis Olea – F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our body’s health largely depends on our immune system.

What is Lapis Olea?

The meaning of Olea is “Oil”. It is extracted from red Ganoderma Lucidum spores which contain the oily memory of this mushroom. The Spagyrists consider this oil to be the recipient of the “Fire” principle: this mushroom oily spirit keeps our immune system running, it restores our identity. It acts upon the hepatic, renal, pulmonary cellular functions as well as on our organism overall. It also promotes our ability to adapt and face the aggression of any toxical substance, pollution, parasitism and brings back balance to our nervous system.

Are there any side effects?

There are no negative side effects. Lapis Olea does not contain any synthetic molecules or any genetically modified substances. It exclusively includes natural and vegetal components. The toxicological analysis implemented by an internationally acknowledged laboratory failed to reveal any toxicity at all. There are no undesirable nor noticeable side effects . However, at the beginning of the supplementation, first time users may experience certain effects such as :

  • This product does not have any negative side effects.
  • A drainage of the intestinal toxins due to its cellular and hepatic bio-regulating function which improves the digestive and enzymatic assimilation. It may generate a slight migraine at the beginning of the treatment due to the toxins elimination.
  • Adaptogenic (anti-stress): it may provoke a drowsiness or a need for sleep during the first few days.
  • Anti-allergenic: it can possibly increase the symptoms of an allergy in the very first days but they will then disappear.

In the case of cellular degenerations, it can generate a feeling of excessive heat or sudation in the first few days, but also an excitation due to the increased efficiency of the immune functions.

The symptoms that you may experience are the signs of the ongoing toxin elimination, a relaunch of the organism immune system.

In this case, it is recommended to drink a lot of mineral water to facilitate the elimination. It is also best to adopt a vegetarian diet or, at the very least, to reduce your meat intake.

I have a serious and/or degenerative disease, can i take this treatment?

Yes, you can. Lapis Olea stimulates your natural defences. Not only can you take this dietary supplement but you may experience unhoped for results.

Should i consider a second treatment right after the initial one?

See Posology.

We recommend that you follow the treatment for 2 or 3 months but you can also extend that duration according to your needs in terms of hepatic and immune systems regeneration.

In this case, how long should I wait before starting the second treatment?

The most important thing to do is to listen to your body : you can take Lapis Olea as a prophylactic measure or to extend the intake, in case of long term and/or serious illness. On the other hand, if the 2-3 month initial treatment seems to be enough, should you assess that your physical condition and energy levels are satisfactory, we recommend that you wait some time before starting another treatment since the initial effects may take several months to wear off depending on your lifestyle and dietary habits.

Do I need to consult a physician to start this treatment?

Not necessarily, however if you suffer from a chronic disease, it is necessary to pay a visit to your physician during Lapis Olea treatment as your regular posology may need to be adjusted.

I understand the positive effect of Lapis Olea but has this product been analyzed and controlled?

This product is made following a very strict protocol regarding the prevention and research of bacteria and germs. It does not contain any lactic ferments derivatives, starch, yeast, gluten, nor any other allergenic substances, preservatives, colorings or irradiated substances and GMO.

We implement a very strict and inclusive control all along the production chain process.

This products successfully cleared all the tests proving the total absence of germs and toxins, which ensures the quality of Lapis Olea. (WHO).

It is GMP compliant (Good Manufacturing Process).

Can i still use other medication and products during the treatment? If yes, can there be some side effects?

Yes you can, you can take this product alongside any other health product or medication.

Can i take Lapis Olea during my menstruation?

You do not have to interrupt the treatment during your periods.

Is this product beneficial to anyone?

Yes, everyone can benefit from Lapis Olea, starting at age 6 but it is even more recommended for the elderly. It is made from natural vegetal substances and is particularly beneficial to the people with immunitary weaknesses of all kinds but also nervous, hepatic and renal issues.

Is it normal if my sleep seems to be deeper and more restorative?

Absolutely, since Lapis Olea offers a cleansing and a regeneration of the renal, hepatic and pulmonary functions.

The energetical renewal of your organism is strongly stimulated.

After how much time can we observe the effects of Lapis Olea? Can we develop a dependency toward this product?

The effects of Lapis Olea lasts a few months according to one’s physical condition, eating habits and age. It may vary for each individual. Some people notice an effect during two to three weeks, while others may experience it for one to two months. They experience an improvement in the food assimilation, hepatic and renal functions with an increase in available energy.

There is no dependency associated with the taking of Lapis Olea.

Can people suffering from issues with their liver, gallbladder, cirrhosis or outpouching, etc.. take Lapis Olea?

Our product improves the regeneration of sclerotic liver cells, as it does for the cells of the kidneys, lungs and other vital organs. Its function is to relaunch the immune system.


People suffering from serious disease, currently under treatment must carry on with their prescribed medication under their physician’s supervision.

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