Quintessence of Lapis Ostra


Quintessence of Lapis Ostra


Quintessence of “Lapis Ostra”.

Separation and purification of the three principles of the Rhodiola Impbracata, following an ancestral Spageria knowledge.


A quintessence in Spagyria is the extraction of the three principles body, soul and “spirit” (ether) of the plant.

These three principles are purified by the four elements : earth, water, air and fire in order to sublimate and form the fifth element the quintessence.

The extraction of active ingredients in the quintessence form increases considerably the following properties:

Better oxygenation of the brain and the blood

Maintains the physical bio-regulation of hormonal functions

Development of cognitive abilities (improves information between left brain and right brain)

Bio-regulatory actions on the pineal and pituitary glands

Action on telomeres

Action on central nervous system (CNS)

Anti-stress effects and bio-regulation of adrenaline and norepinephrine production functions

Improved physical effort and recovery after exercise by the supply of oxygen in the muscles

Improves the quality of sleep (bio-regulation of melatonin level)

Bio-regulation of cardiovascular and sexual functions (non-vasodilator)

Promotes the natural production of DHEA

We have prepared a quintessence of “Rhodiola Imbricata”. An extract in liquid form is always more effective than a powder extract in the form of capsules or tablets.

We separated and purified the three alchemical principles “body, soul and spirit” of the Rhodiola Imbricata root, following an ancestral spagyric knowledge: we added potable gold in this elixir. This potable gold allows to increase the molecular and vibratory frequency but also to concentrate the multiple curative properties.

This quintessence of “Rhodiola Imbricata” root is very rare, it requires several months of preparation and comes in a bottle of 50 ml: it is enough to take a pipette (thirty drops) twice a day between meals to obtain a better effectiveness of all bio-active principles of our Lapis Ostra product.

By adding potable gold, this quintessence extract increases the natural production by pineal gland of the following four amino acids (L-Alanyl – L-gluthamyl – L-asparagy – L-glycine), regenerators of organism and of telomerase function (epithalamine).

It has been observed in several military research departments that several varieties of Rhodiola have strong qualities for cell protection.

This spagyric quintessence allows to obtain a product concentrated in bio-active principles of the three alchemical principles directly assimilable at the perlingual level. It is easy to take directly in your mouth or in a tea or in a small glass of water.

Lapis Ostra Quintessence has no real  contraindications or side effects, nor any intolerance with other therapeutic products.


The dosage of Lapis Ostra quintessence is one pipette (30 drops) twice a day for regenerative treatments,
The dosage of Lapis Ostra quintessence is one pipette (30 drops) once a day for preventive or maintenance treatments.

Directions for use

Drops should be taken and poured under tongue, then mixed with saliva during one minute before swallowing. It is also possible to pour drops into a small glass of spring or filtered water or a cup of hot tea (not boiling water). Warning: do not use a microwave oven to heat the water. In addition, do not forget to tap the bottle in the bottom of your hand before each use to homogenize the quintessence.
Taking either 30 Mins before meals or 30 Mins after meals.


US$ 110 / 50 ml bottle

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