Lavandula Angustifolia



Lavandula Angustifolia


SPAGELIOS – Lavandula Angustifolia

Spagyric Quintessence

English Lavender is traditionally used in the following cases :

  • Mild narcotic effect : insomnia, sleep disorders
  • Anxiolytics : restlessness, nervousness, nervousness, psychic tension, irritability, anxiety
  • Antispasmodic effect
  • Digestive disorders : difficult digestion related to stress or nervousness, ulcerations
  • Respiratory disorders : colds, asthma
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Treatment of migraine and headache

Traditional use of English Lavender spagyric quintessence :

Typical subject of people in need of prayer, emptiness, inner serenity, spirituality, dialogue with angels, structure inwardly. Person who would like to be closer to God, to be good, to help others, but who has a hard time getting there; who finds himself repulsive and attractive at the same time.

People who can dry out and become bitter, gives in bigotries, pugnacity, viper language, susceptibility, emotionality, hypersensitivity, quick change of friendship, shy, whimsical, impatient, exaggerated sensitivity, gnawing regrets, whimsical character, emotionality, hypersensitivity.

Self-prescription advice

Generally, the following continuous treatment :

Take one pipette three times a day : morning, noon and evening between meals directly in the mouth.

Stir in the mouth with saliva for 1 to 2 minutes then swallow.

Shake the bottle before use.

For children : half a pipette three times a day.

Presentation : 50 ml bottle.

ID : SPA001LAVA023

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