Digestive and Intestinal Action – Lapis Pro –

The effectiveness of this product is in its secret of natural extraction using a low temperature “bio-chemistry” that allows reviving the active ingredients “in vivo” of flavonoid extracts and the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) of the “Scutellaria Radix”. The aim is to make the ATP assimilable and active by the body and more specifically by the mitochondrial organelle and its DNA for all digestive organs and more particularly the intestines.

This method is radically opposed to the conventional chemical extractions by precipitation of sulfuric acid or other process separating the active principles of each organic material; in fact, conventional chemical processes destroy the active principles of “living” information, which modifies their biophysical qualities totaly inert. As a result, the active ingredients can no longer perform their functions in the gut microbiota.

In conclusion, the bioelectrical information of the Lapis Pro by its specific process of selection and extraction of the natural active ingredients (basic material) regenerates the microbiota which has an action on the endocrine cells and the epithelium of the digestive mucous membranes.
It improves a bioelectric action on intra / extra cellular osmosis. Lapis Pro induces a general detoxification and a holistic (overall) regeneration.

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