Ruscus Aculeatus



Ruscus Aculeatus


SPAGELIOS – Ruscus Aculeatus

Spagyric Quintessence

Butcher’s Broom is traditionally used in the following cases :

  • Venous insufficiency, veino-lymphatic insufficiency : powerful vasoconstrictor, varicose veins, heavy legs, venous and capillary diseases, phlebitis sequelae, lower limb edema, postsurgical lymphedema
  • Anti-hemorrhoid
  • Metrorragia (linked to IUD contraception)
  • Pre-menstrual pain, painful periods
  • Diuretics : oliguria (decrease in urine volume), urinary lithiasis (urinary kidney stones)
  • Prevention of orthostatic hypotension (a drop in the blood pressure when moving too fast from the lying station to the standing station)
  • Laxative properties : constipation

Traditional use of Butcher’s Broom spagyric quintessence :

Need to defend themselves, protection, security, subjects who feel persecuted by the system, personality having fewer defenses than seeing Hawthorn plant, immunity problems.

Self-prescription advice

Generally, the following continuous treatment :

Take one pipette three times a day : morning, noon and evening between meals directly in the mouth.

Stir in the mouth with saliva for 1 to 2 minutes then swallow.

Shake the bottle before use.

For children : half a pipette three times a day.

Presentation : 50 ml bottle.

ID : SPA001RUSC055

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